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Today's topic: from fellow @komu

It's late at night and I've been struggling with something for a long time, so I'm asking you product guys to help me out.

I was a technical school student before, after graduation worked in a mechanical state enterprise, work for two years, performance is not bad, in colleagues should be top1, like the Internet, after resigning interdisciplinary examination a 211 computer master (two-year special master), do deep learning, graduated in June 18.

Self-perception: extremely internet-loving, tosser, geeky type. Love to learn and challenge the impossible.

There are two paths before me that are more torn. One is to be a pm, personally I am very interested in this, I have also tossed my own public, website, app, bot and other projects independently before, but due to my ability, I did it all rather superficially (always improving).

The second path is to do a PhD. In fact, I do not take advantage of the PhD, the main reason is that my academic foundation and technical foundation is average, the master's two years although the progress is great, but only reached an ordinary 211 master's student level. But I want to do a PhD for that very reason. After high school, I was TOP in whatever environment I was in, except for this Master's in Computer Science, and I really didn't get deep enough into deep learning for two years, and I want to keep working on it again.

I have to give up one of these two paths and choose the other one with single-minded determination, so please decide for me!

Usually with daily topics, I don't give a particularly clear leaning, more like I want people to discuss freely. Today's topic is slightly different though, and my take on it is very simple and straightforward, so click on the audio below to listen now!

Faced with this topic, today's Vegetable Garden Guys gave a very large amount of pertinent and informative advice.

Ranispy (Jing Wei Wei)

My opinion - don't read it. The reasons are as follows.

1 A PhD is the pinnacle of academics, and since you are studying, of course you are studying the best, that is, the Silicon Valley of the United States, the world's center of innovation and the pinnacle of academics, there is a need to study. In this way, one would need to leave the country at the age of twenty-eight or twenty-nine, spend enough time abroad for five years to complete a PhD, and then return to work. The health of the parents, whether they can support it and whether the partner can hold out during this period are factors to be considered.

2 For the PhD itself, Doctor is indeed a desirable title, but, having developed a mindset of exploratory specialization at the graduate level, the PhD may be too full to be a loss.


Personally, I think having a master's degree is fine, after all, the most important class inside a social university is socialization. The key is in your heart how to choose it, you want to do more research and development to send papers to live an institutionalized life is to choose to further study, and vice versa.

fulfill one's desire

Personally, I think it really comes down to how your various current situations are (family, finances, which side your personal inner choices lean more towards). I went to grad school after my undergrad and then didn't go for it (personal situation is complicated [smile]). Now that I think about it, it's actually quite good. Just don't regret your choice after you make it


I am a specialist always want to go to college, but it seems that companies look at the first degree, so now I will try to improve and product-related knowledge and skills

I'm Eric.

Personally, I think if you want to do deep learning, or even research then why not consider doing a phd abroad, but if it's just to get a job, then a PhD isn't really necessary

seven-day leave

There is no need to stop because of the choice The road is a walk out Suggest you can find a product internship first Learn more about the job of product manager Specifically when the internship is finished You will know your choice. Take a step and you'll know where the road is.

Jacky Luo

I really empathize with this question when I see it, I am also a masters in computer science doing deep learning and have been struggling with what I should choose. Recently, I found the product really appealing to me, but on the other hand, I felt that although I couldn't code, I couldn't let go of it. There have been two big confusions in my mind, one is how to use my technical background to my advantage as a product, and the second is how much difference in salary will there be if I do product and code? I hope you guys can give me some advice. I appreciate it.


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