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Real-time error'453': can't findDLL entry point

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After a few days of hard work, the basic functions of our work "Fly Chat" have been implemented, from now on into the window beautification, debugging, packaging and other stages.

But the problem came back this morning., When implementing skinning functionality to a form, Although the addition of the module( which has also called the corresponding declaration ofAPI), The corresponding code has been added to the form, But it pops up when running“ Real-time error'453': can't findDLL entry pointSkinH_AttachEx in SkinH_VB6.dll” dialog box of the。 as shown below:

In fact, when you encounter this problem, it is likely that the function called is interfacing with the system, and the function I declared in the module for skinning is

Public Declare Function SkinH_AttachEx Lib "SkinH_VB6.dll" (ByVal lpSkinFile As String, ByVal lpPasswd As String) As Long

There are several possibilities for prompting that the DLL entry point cannot be found.

1, in the declaration of the system call in the words of the statement error (such as the function name spelled wrong, this time you need to re-check whether you call the function name is correct), at this time if you are not very clear about the name of the function, you can use Dependency Walker analysis tool to open the corresponding DLL dynamic link library, with which you can check the correct function name, but also to check whether certain functions are broken, etc..

2. forgetting to be case-sensitive in declaring the words of statements in system calls (which must be case-sensitive when declaring system call functions).

3, there is another situation is that you call the DLL file is damaged or lack of functions you want to call, such as the above error "DLL entry point SkinH_AttachEx in SkinH_VB6.dll", it is likely that your SkinH_VB6.dll dynamic link library in the lack of SkinH_AttachEx function or this function error, you can also use Dependency Walker to detect whether the dynamic link library is missing this function or whether this function is damaged, if so, re-download a corresponding DLL file to solve.

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