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Recharge" in Science and Technology City, listen to the academician to explain the "artificial intelligence" cutting-edge applications

Jiaxing Science and Technology City is not only the area with the highest concentration of talent in Jiaxing, but has also become the most energetic place for "charging".

Yesterday morning, the Zhejiang Institute of Future Technology, the eighth floor lecture hall ushered in the field of artificial intelligence authority in China - the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Deyi, to do the theme of "anti-driving brain: artificial intelligence research brain science" "artificial intelligence" special report, 130 people in this "charge".

Academician Li Deyi was the first to propose the theory of "control flow-data flow" diagram pairs and a set of methods implemented in logic language; he has achieved remarkable results in intelligent control "three-stage inverted swing balance" experiments and intelligent driving, and is a famous expert in the field of command and control and artificial intelligence in China. He spent more than an hour explaining the complex and profound knowledge of brain science to the audience and shared his views on the currently hot driverless field, which inspired and rewarded the researchers and entrepreneurs in the audience.

"Academician Li's lecture was very grounded and focused on the industrial use aspect, which inspired new ideas for me." Liu Lei, president of Jiaxing Bosense Technology Co., Ltd, said that his business venture is currently mainly doing sensors, there is a certain amount of intelligent technology integration, Li academician's views on the future development of enterprise ideas have a great inspirational effect.

Li Deyi academician's "artificial intelligence" report also opened the Zhejiang Institute of Future Technology Yuehe lecture hall, the future of the Institute will carry out summits, reports and other activities from time to time to promote the new economy and new dynamic energy industry cluster cultivation.

During the trip, Academician Li visited Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, Science and Technology City Wisdom Cube, Zhejiang Institute of Future Technology, and gave affirmation to Jiaxing's scientific and technological innovation atmosphere, and had cordial talks with Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Nanhu District Committee and other relevant departments, and all parties exchanged views on matters such as artificial intelligence-related industries landing in Jiaxing, hoping to seek cooperation later and land more cutting-edge projects in the fertile land of Science and Technology City.

▲ Two academicians, Li Deyi and Dai Qionghai, visited the Experience Hall of the Future Academy, accompanied by Shao Hang, President of the Future Academy and Vice Chairman of the District Science Association

The first time I visited the "Smart Cube" exhibition hall in Jiaxing

Source|Jiaxing Daily Nanhu News

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