Refuse online loans, starting with you and me

Online lending is rampant today, having risen with the rise of internet finance. The reason we see a wide variety of online lenders flooding the internet platforms with advertisements is because there is a huge amount of profitable money to be made.

This is especially aimed at those who are short of money and are in desperate need of money, and there are numerous tragic incidents of people being trapped step by step by online lenders and eventually unable to repay.

Online lending companies use various names to charge service fees, brokerage fees, value-added fees, and high interest fees thus leaving you wanting and eventually on the road to nowhere.

Look at a variety of fancy online loan news, although the government introduced the relevant regulations to a certain extent to effectively curb the illegal online loan companies, but because the online loan has a huge profit can be made, online loan companies change the law also change the vest continue to sit and lie waiting to collect money, this kind of no work can get the work can not get the money, who still go to the serious clock it?

Some people have lost their families to online loans, some have jumped off buildings and died because of online loans, some have sold their flesh because of online loans, and some have had mental breakdowns because of online loans. As regulations tighten, the owners of online lenders are running away and lenders have nowhere to go to collect their hard-earned money. In the end there are no winners, but each of us is slipping further and further down the ladder, even backwards to beggar status. What about the money, who jacked it off, now that I'm writing this and thinking about it so much, I can't help but shiver and shiver with war!

Love you and me, start by rejecting all online loans!

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