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Regulatory gaps urgently need to be closed for access control incontinence

Intelligent access control system, is the most basic project in the construction of a smart city, is also the closest relationship with the public, but also to ensure the safety of the public, the convenience of life.

However, more than a dozen neighborhoods in Hangzhou access cards were copied in large numbers, and appeared on the e-commerce platform, not only the community involved all unaware, even the police can not find legal provisions to investigate and deal with the copy and sellers, only with the means of interviews, cautions to raise a wake-up call, which has to be pondered.

Are these neighborhoods ahead of their time? Or is our regulatory system lagging behind? Obviously, promoting the construction of a new type of smart city is a major decision made by the central government based on the current situation of China's information technology and new urbanization development, and Hangzhou has formulated a master plan for the construction of a smart city, covering various fields such as healthcare, food, tourism, transportation and community.

In each system, there is a large amount of important data related to national security, economic development, social public interest, family and personal information, which may have extremely serious consequences in case of theft, sale and purchase, or even cause cyber security problems.

Experts suggest that a sound security supervision system for smart cities should be established, security responsibilities should be rationalized, and unified network security supervision functions should be strengthened; laws, regulations and relevant management methods should be improved to strengthen the security supervision of basic information systems; and policies should be formulated to guide the establishment of autonomous and controllable technical thresholds in the construction of key information infrastructures in smart cities.

Only in this way can ensure the security of the smart city, controlled, to really plug the "access control" loophole.

(Zhejiang Online)

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