Reliable slide show tools to help you be lazy

What we're after is half the work!


I teach a course on Information Systems Development at the University. At the end of the semester, students need to present the system they made.

I often have students come up to me and ask, "Teacher, do I still need to do the PPT? "

I always say very seriously, "The PPT can be left out, but the slides need to be done. "

This phrase always confuses students.

The truth is simple, you have the wrong concept - the "slides" are actually not equal ≠“PPT”。

PPT is a file extension for the Microsoft Office software PowerPoint. Because everyone is used to doing slides with PowerPoint, so gradually the "slides" and "PPT" are mixed up.

But the truth is really not That's it. There are many slide tools. If you have the wrong concept and limit yourself to a small box, thinking that PowerPoint is the only software in the world that can do slideshows, you will miss out on a lot of good tools.

Is it so important to make good slides?

Of course!

People are building cars out of slides, aren't they? :-P

Jokes aside, whether you are in a school, training institute, business, government agency, or even for the many entrepreneurs, slideshow production skills are enough to significantly effects Your personal values.

To do a good job, a good tool must first be used. For something so important, isn't it important to pick a tool that you can use?

pain point

Everyone has their own tastes and judgments when it comes to making choices. I have tried many types of slide tools because of my work. Here's a little bit about my own needs for a slide tool.

I've summarized 4 of them.

The first thing is to pleasing the eye . The basic requirement for making slides is to be able to pass on information. The content is wrapped inside the form. You still have to dress up when you go out on a date, so how can you make slideshows that lack aesthetic appeal? The theme should be beautiful and the transitions should be animated with natural transitions for the audience to enjoy. The one that has done this prominently is Keynote, a favorite of Joe's (Steve Jobs).

Steve Jobs loved it, mostly because of his own products. But the fact that several popular speakers in the country also like to use it is a good indication that Keynote does make beautiful slides.

For research users, Especially for science and technology research users, Display formula、 Chart most Good slides. The tools areBeamer。 In showing your sanity、 When wise and knowledgeable, This tool is very effective。

But it's not enough for a slideshow to be "beautiful" and "cool", the second thing is to be able to show it clearly structure . owing to Good slides. There must be a need to be persuasive, and the output must be more than just information, but value. This is where PowerPoint, Keynote, Beamer, etc. fall short, as their presentations are biometrics The. Inside your brain, a slide is compressed into nothing more than a juxtaposition or progression of content units. The otherwise strong logical links between each slide are broken up by this linear relationship.

How to keep in the slide show structure this (Cantonese)? There is one software that does a particularly good job, be calledPrezi。

Prezi was widely welcomed upon its release. The offline version of the software is expensive, but people willingly pay for it. Because Prezi makes the background of the demo an infinite canvas, scaling, rotating, advancing ...... A visual explanation of what it means to "go deep".

Is Prezi the ultimate weapon for making slides? Not. I once made a Prezi of all the course slides and felt a sense of accomplishment and fun like never before. But the second semester was painful for me.

Because Prezi lacks the third requirement element - Easy to modify

nowadays iteration (math.) The concept has taken hold. Don't be under the illusion that when you strike, the slides are done perfectly. So you need to prototype quickly, pursue feedback, and then keep revising to converge towards perfection. There is a very serious problem you will face in Prezi's mod.

See the meandering blue line segment in the diagram?? That's a manual setup demo. trails . owing to manual setup, So there's a lot of flexibility.。 this isPrezi Powerful places, It's also its cover.—— Because it's too painful to change.。

Once a new slide needs to be inserted in the middle of the presentation, the user has to manually go through and adjust the order. Either drag this slide inside dozens of hundreds of thumbnails to place it in the right place, or try dragging intricate path lines to connect this newly added slide. When there are enough slides, this is a horrible adjustment to make. Not only is it inefficient, it's often wrong. And every time you do it, you need to re-export it as a zip, then unzip and sync ...... The Prezi slides I've made before were basically reluctant to make any changes because the job was a headache to think about.

In the past year and a half, I've been trying to useReveal.js to solve this problem。Reveal.js It's easier to modify, And you can show the double layer with the overview function and the direction of the page flip animation structure。

compared withPrezi come round,Reveal.js The rights and wrongs of sacrifice biometrics structure Demonstrate competence。 The good thing is that for most of the slides, This simple structure It's almost good enough.。 Think about when your leader gets on stage and speaks, be not Always say“ Today I will only cover the following three points……”? :-)

But I'm not sure aboutReveal.js Still not satisfied . owing to You need to bring to mind the vivid、 structure The concept of chemistry starts with biometrics method of writing manually as plain text, Then let the software translate the text into a simple structure Let's see.。 You also have to learn to talk toHTML5 come into contact with, Only then can you use it。 This goes against my fourth need, And the ultimate goal for a lazy person to pursue—— save time

So you see?, I want a WYSIWYG.、 Easy to make、 Easy to modify、 structure Strong presentation skills, pleasing the eye generous Slide Tool.

Is the word "dreaming" floating through your mind? :-P

I found it.


It may surprise you to say it. This excellent slide tool for lazy people presses the not Slide Tool.

It is a mind mapping tool.

Mind maps are not new to anyone, right? First created and popularized by Tony Buzan, it has been a worldwide hit for decades. Many people usually use it regularly in their work and studies.

Never used it? You've at least heard schoolboys talk about it, right?

But the secret that many people don't know is that - not only can mind mapping help you be more effective in your work and studies, it can also be used as a slide presentation tool, and one that meets all 4 of the needs we mentioned earlier.

Aesthetics are a basic requirement for mind mapping. The use of colors, the size of fonts and the placement of illustrations are all ensured by the software itself, without the user having to worry about them.

Clear logical structure ...... That's what mind maps have been doing since the day they were created. Because mind maps describe the framework, they are not as cumbersome and redundant. It also avoids the tragedy of the speaker reading from a slide while the audience underneath drifts off to sleep.

Mind maps are easy to make and modify. Because it's nothing more than inserting, deleting and modifying branches.

You probably can't hold back anymore - I can't talk to a picture for 40 minutes, can I?

You're getting a little bit of a hard-on, aren't you? :-P

In fact, inside this Buzan's own mind mapping software, the slides are available automate Generated.

All you need to do is click on the action button here.

Select "New Demo" in "Show".

You need to name your demo randomly. If you have specific requirements for the order of the branches, you can adjust them by pressing the button in the lower left corner. Generally the default is fine.

Look, the demo has been generated.

Don't be so happy, you may need to adjust the settings a bit. I prefer to present the topic first, then introduce a few section headings to give the audience a clear idea of the main structure of the presentation, and then dive in and present the details step-by-step, following the branches. I generally make the following changes inside the settings.

Set the "Mind Map Tour" to "Start at Main Branch". The default 2D transition effect is jumping, which I think makes the viewer dizzy after a long time, so I usually set it to "panorama and zoom".

Okay, it's done.

Click the play button and what you will see will be this effect.

You got beautiful slides with logical and clear mind maps without any effort at all. It's easy to change it later. That feels good, doesn't it?


What other great slideshow software tools do you know that are easy to use? What are the features of it that appeal to you? Feel free to recommend it to anyone. If you have comments or suggestions about the content of this article, feel free to ask them as well and let's discuss them together.

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