Remove "WindowsMediaPlayer" option from Win10 picture/music context menu

When Win10 users right-click on a picture or music file (folder), they will see two options "Add to Windows Media Player list" and "Play with Windows Media Player" displayed in the context menu (as shown below). Music files are played with Windows Media Player, albeit reluctantly, but it makes sense. "Microsoft, are you laughing at my imagination? Then follow MS Chief to kill these two "Windows Media Player" right-click menu items.

The "Windows Media Player" option in the right-click menu of the image file

The "Windows Media Player" option in the right-click menu for music files

Method 1: Uninstall Windows Media Player

Go to "Windows Settings - Applications and Features - Manage Optional Features" and you will see "Windows Media Player" in the list of "Optional Features". As pictured.

Select it and click on the "Uninstall" button to uninstall Windows Media Player.

After uninstalling Windows Media Player, the Windows Media Player option will no longer be available in the context menu, and not only "Pictures" and "Music" but also "Videos" will of course be missing from the context menu.

PS: However, as you can see in the screenshot above, the function of Windows Media Player is to "play audio and video files from the local computer and the Internet. "So, after uninstalling Windows Media Player, not only audio and video files on the local computer cannot be played using Windows Media Player anymore, but also users who are still using Internet Explorer cannot play audio and video from some web pages. And, if you have a lot of Microsoft .wmv videos saved in your computer, the quality of Windows Media Player playback is obviously much better.

So, it's obvious that simply killing Windows Media Player is a "no-brainer". Then, please refer to Method 2 to target the "Windows Media Player" option in the right-click menu for pictures and music.

Method 2: Modify the registry to remove "Windows Media Player" right-click menu item

Open the Registry Editor and locate to.


Delete the Play and Enqueue items under it (the items circled in red in the figure). As pictured.

Then proceed to locate.


Delete the Play and Enqueue entries under it.

Continue positioning to.


Similarly delete the Play and Enqueue entries under it.

Then when you right-click on the picture or music file (folder), you won't see the "Add to Windows Media Player list" and "Play with Windows Media Player" options (as shown above).

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