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In 2017 I read a book by the iconic Mr. Ray Kurzweil, The Future of Artificial Intelligence (How to Create a Mind, which seems to be a more apt title in English). Why did you think to read this book? I was in a mindset to learn more about the field of AI, and slowly read down to find too much jargon and many, many areas that I don't particularly understand, just taking in the knowledge passively and rarely making my own remarks. Not long into AI, despite having some small ideas of my own that are not yet so mature, I am afraid that my unprofessionalism is all too evident as a small-time AI worker.

Part One

What's the difference between a human brain and a machine brain? The human brain is the intersection of biological and physical structures, and the machine brain is the presence of physical structures. And these millions of scientists have spent their lives studying the cortical structure of the human brain, wanting to analogize the two, wanting to copy the human mind into a machine. Will such be possible once we figure out the nature of the human brain? I shudder to think. Can human emotions, feelings about the world, really be replicated? What is the fundamental role of the human brain? There's no way to replicate human emotions, except for thinking, right? I want to know more, and such passive thinking torments me too much, and bothers me as much as these superficial words I'm writing down now.

I can only talk about this book from the direction I can best understand it - love.

Part Two

Psychologist and sexologist John Willian Money says that sexual desire is lustful and love is lyrical. What does love arise from? Why do humans have love?

Love exists for the needs of the brain's neocortex, and without the neocortex, there would be no such romantic process. And if sexual reproduction is the only evolutionary goal there is no need for the romance of the process, it is enough to have a libido facilitated by the chemicals produced by oxytocin and pressin. And the neocortex is sufficient to allow humans to engage in what Manny calls 'lyrical' expression. The ecstasy of love creates attachment and mature love, and leads to ongoing bonding. The neocortex plays a decisive role in this process, and the neocortex learns additional patterns other than sexual desire to maintain romance during love. We have succeeded in freeing sex from the biological function of man so that in falling in love, the act of sex becomes a sensual and relational necessity, rather than a need to have children.

The person who has experienced love has a large part of the neocortex in his brain that is everything the loved one is, and we can predict what he will say and do, and our neocortical patterns are filled with thoughts and patterns that respond to them. So when we fall out of love, it's the equivalent of losing part of ourselves. And love or something else is exactly the thing that makes us unique.

The existence of the neocortex in the brain allows us not to reproduce sexually, allowing us to fall in love in addition to being in the sensual and relational needs of sexual desire also because of the various patterns generated by the neocortex to maintain the romantic durability of the love process.

In other words, our neocortex allows us to have a presence like love. One of the readers interpreted him as saying that "the neocortex that creates artificial non-living things must have love in order to be called a neocortex, so the AI needs to be in love. "First of all, very sure of his ideas, but those, I don't really agree with. We didn't create the AI so that he could learn to love, but everything was to make our lives better, as far as how highly simulated non-biological or digital neocortex, as long as it would satisfy that the existence of this AI would be well represented on a chemical or physical level. Except when we need artificial brains and we need love simulations or replicas, then create them under the conditions possible.

So what's love? What is a certain lyrical expression? Love is a certain kind of being, and that being doesn't necessarily begin with sexual desire. Spawned by a certain chemistry, the romance produced by the di-neocortex is the defining part. I remember someone telling me that love is created because of mutual appreciation, and when the other person has nothing to appreciate about you it may mean the end of love. How do you solve this one? What does appreciation include? Appearance, substance, matter, and common thought. The other person may gradually have nothing left to appreciate, or we may be with them because of some aspect of appreciation, and that appreciation may slowly fade in the wash of time, so we stop appreciating each other and may rethink whether it is worth continuing the relationship, but as time passes, all of the other person is present in my neocortex, even a large part of it, and we feel the loss of much of it when faced with loss. Again, we may think about or remember the past over and over again after a loss. The ability to actually lose the past actually requires us to remove that part of the memory from the brain (neocortex) ourselves.

What does it mean to be truly in love? True love may be a certain memory that we don't want to delete and also always maintain our appreciation for each other. Maybe so.


There is some discrepancy between the initial mindset of reading the book and what you get at the end, but reading a book is not necessarily about understanding the pulse of the book, it's about the thoughts you get in the book, maybe because of a particular word or a particular piece. Every time I read a book I think about it differently.

This book is recommended.

Too little reading, lack of experience, continue in 2018.

on February 16, 2018

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