Retweeters, stop right there!

You've been given a gun and you're not reflecting on it?

drown out (also fig.)

What have we all seen in our circle of friends from last night to this morning?

It's like a tsunami! It seems like everyone is retweeting the same article. It's called "Luo Yixiao, Stop You".

This sick little girl would be the most familiar figure in all of China today.

Flip to the end and you'll see that the number of reads is 100,000+, the number of likes is 100,000+, and the number of appreciations are all over 10,000.

In all the time I've been using WeChat, this is the first time I've seen more than 100,000 likes.

Doing a fundraiser for a sick little girl would have been a good thing. But soon, someone came out and debunked the rumors, saying it was a total marketing farce.

First of all, the little girl's father - this writer - is rich. Owning several properties in Shenzhen and Dongguan, there is no shortage of money for this treatment.

Second, the hospital didn't cost that much either, and his claim of 10 to 20k has been denied by the hospital and social security with evidence.

Third, it's a marketing campaign. A company does business with Mr. Law. The growth in the number of retweets and followers can bring him financial benefits.

The child has an illness. You don't have to spend a penny of your own money and you make a profit ......

How much money is there? Even Mr. Lo himself couldn't take it anymore and came forward to say that he had enough money, so you guys don't donate!

It dawned on everyone when they saw the disinformation article - holy shit, they've been lied to again!

For those who donated and appreciated it on WeChat, I was just touched by their kindness. There are many people in this world who are just willing to be selfless and generous in helping others. When they meet someone who is truly in need, they fulfill their desire to do good deeds. Even if something like this happens today, just think of it as lost money.

But for those of you who have retweeted, please don't go yet. I invite you to come along and think about how you fell for it this time.

Some of you may be very unconvinced - Mr. Wang, don't stand and talk, didn't you retweet it?

I haven't really reposted it. Even the recognition script I wrote for myself. :-P

"Comrade Wang Shuyi has a firm stance, independent thinking, and when faced with the overwhelming onslaught of rumors in the circle of friends, he was able to disbelieve, not spread rumors, not forward, not comment, and did not contribute to the spread of rumors ......"

I'll stop disgusting us and get down to business. :-)

screening (of applicants etc)

They say rumors stop at the wise man. This time it's a rumor that stops with the doctor.

Why did the doctor come out to dispel the rumors?

Because the writing of this rumor was handled seamlessly elsewhere, the only thing they did was exaggerate the medical bills a bit for the sake of spreading the word.

Nowadays, the relationship between doctors and patients is tense, and there are many people who already have a wave of grievances about the high cost of medical treatment. This time many people have taken the opportunity to vent that anger. How can a doctor stand such an injustice? And the doctor had the proper documentation in hand, so of course he chose to stand up for himself and firmly debunk the rumors.

It's called a conflict of interest. There are many things that happen because of a conflict of interest before people can look at the facts behind it.

We can't help but ponder the question, if the stakeholders had coordinated things well this time, would a rumor not have been able to be screened out? Is it the fate of those who have retweeted it to be the only ones to be shot?

My answer is not necessarily. Because I've seen a lot of people's reblogs that actually copy someone else's lead-in, and some don't even write a lead-in. It is evident that these same people will be skeptical during the retweeting process.

You can be blackmailed for helping an old man who falls down in the street. Many good people have been scammed too many times. So it's hard for people to trust something like this without official confirmation to be 100%.

Here's where an interesting question arises - if you don't believe it, then why are you retweeting it?

Because many people think that retweeting once is nothing more than a snap of a finger or two seconds. If it's done right, it's done good and meritorious (or at least the equivalent of me donating a dollar); if it's done wrong, it doesn't seem like much of a loss, does it? It's not like I'm putting money into the other person's account anyway, so even if I encounter a scammer, what can I do about it?


You really think wrong.

Your retweets It's worth a lot of money. , definitely worth more than just a dollar.

This is the age of the attention economy. People's attention is money. The subject of a swipe event can reap the benefits of attention.

Influence is also money. Because of this thing, many people followed the micro signal of Mr. Luo and the partner company, and even added Mr. Luo's personal weibo, then they increased their influence. When you have 10 million followers, you're a TV station.

Don't forget one thing, your creditIt's also money.。 have done credit Card words, You'll know yours. credit How much is it worth?。 sesame seed credit If the score is high, It also allows you to do many things that others want to do but can't。 isn't that so??

You retweet things in your circle of friends that you shouldn't and people's perception of you will change, and definitely not in a good direction. Think about it, what do you usually think of those relatives in your circle of friends posting chicken soup for the soul and health and wellness tips? You believe they are acting in good faith and may not necessarily pull them down. But do their words still carry weight in your mind?

Don't forward it around., your credit It's worth a lot of money., You can't afford to be so mean.。 In the future you may wish to use your influence and contacts in your circle of friends to do serious work。 I'll find out when the time comes. credit Overdrawn long ago, Then it's too late.。


As the saying goes, what goes before is what comes after. There's a lot more to dig into within this thing today - at what point in time did this rumor actually get set off? When were the rumors curbed because of whom? What people's retweets are influencing more trust and retweeting behavior?

This just-happened case can lead to some unique insights and useful conclusions about social media communication and influence. In the future, it can help us not to repeat the same mistakes when we encounter similar problems.

Some graduate students at NKU were sensitive enough to catch on to this issue and are doing an investigation. If you retweeted this rumor today, please take a minute to fill out the information about it. Trust that their research will be worthy of your input this minute today.

Please click on the "Read More" link at the end of this article to participate in this academic research survey.

You say I should take an exemplary lead and go ahead and fill it out?

I'm not filling it out because it's not like I'm retweeting it. :-P

It's time for the reveal. Why didn't I repost it?

Because I've been busy from last night to noon today. Reading literature, writing articles, financial reimbursement and taking classes ...... I don't even have time to look at my phone!

In between classes, a friend who is far away in Xi'an asked me when I was going to write a tweet about what happened in my circle of friends this morning. I had no idea what was going on at the time.

During class I asked who retweeted the article "Lo Yixiao, Stop You" this morning. Only two students raised their hands, proving that not many people were looking at their phones and swiping during my class yet. I'm so relieved!


Did you retweet it?? What were your thoughts when you retweeted? Did you believe this article at the time?? Feel free to leave a comment and let's get together discussions。

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