Rotated 720° and still can't see anyone? Black Shark helps you solve your chicken hunting problem

With the rapid development of smartphones and the handheld gaming industry, mobile phone hardware performance has become the most interesting topic for gaming enthusiasts. But people often overlook the equally vital point - the screen display.

Indeed, is the gaming experience only smooth? A flagship configuration like the 845+8+128 would be middling without advanced display technology.

Here, Shark will be a bricklayer and nag you about the Black Shark phone's demanding requirements for screen display and the rigorous spirit of excellence!

Here, you may wish to review the footage from the game.

When you're playing chicken and you get attacked by enemies

But you're looking around at 720° and you still don't see the enemy.

Of course, the multiplier is the key

But when you can't see the enemy despite having a good view

This is most likely due to a problem with the display screen!

Do you know why the enemy stopped hitting me at the end...

Because he got turned around by me...

If, for example, you use a Black Shark gaming phone with a discrete image processing chip to play games, you might very well avoid such embarrassment ~ so here's the question - how exactly does the addition of this discrete image processing chip differ from the display of a regular phone?

1、Frame rate enhancement The card is capable of detecting and compensating for motion images in real time. Make motion pictures clearer and smoother

2. Dynamic range enhancement to show more details in dark areas . Especially in the chicken games that you Shark fans love, you will see more detail in the screen than other phones in the night mode, a real chicken eater.

3. Enhanced color saturation, more vivid picture This will restore the true colors and layers of the image, so you don't mistake the enemy's head for a large mushroom.

Color Enhancement Off Color Enhancement On

It's not just games., In daily use, The independent image processing chip also plays a vital role! Skin Tone Protection Function(FTC), Color enhancement at the same time, No distortion of skin tones。 The left side is original image, Color enhancement done in the middle, No skin color protection on., You can see that the color of the face has been distorted。 The image on the right has color enhancement and skin tone protection turned on, While enhancing the background and clothing colors, The color of the face doesn't appear distorted either。

original image

Color Enhancement On, FTC Off

Color Enhancement On, FTC On

In addition, the Blackhand gaming phone has adjustable sharpness, resulting in a sharper edge to edge enhanced picture. This is a real plus for those who like photography. From the image comparison below, it's easy to see that with the sharpness enhancement turned on, the pattern is clearly visible on the right side of the frame, and the three-dimensional feel of the image is much more prominent.

Turn off sharpness enhancement Turn on sharpness enhancement

Having said that, Shark has some itchy hands~ Must be immediately! Now! Hurry up! Let's have a game of chicken~ Get in the car, buddy, let's fly together~

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