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Rui Cheng: "big data" for the rectification of corruption around the masses on the "wings" of science and technology

In order to continuously consolidate and expand the effectiveness of the work of the masses around the improper wind and corruption governance, Rui Cheng County Commission for Discipline Inspection innovative ideas, improve working methods, the use of "big data" artificial intelligence, efficient promotion of remediation work.

The county discipline inspection committee adhere to the in-depth and sustained carry out the masses around the unethical wind and corruption clues investigation work, the implementation of all agricultural policies in the past three years involving project funds to carry out "rolling carpet" "comb grate" type of investigation work, from which to find problems, investigate and deal with corruption. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of investigation, the county's innovative approach to the use of finance, audit, industry and commerce, housing and construction units of the system big data, on the enjoyment of agricultural policies of the identity of farmers, property, vehicles, wages, business registration and other information for comparison and analysis, the low insurance, dangerous house renovation, farming and forestry projects related to the basic information for preliminary screening, from which the discovery of public officials, individual businessmen and other high-income people receiving subsidies in violation of the problem clues, and then reverse the relevant township governments, functional departments of regulatory responsibility, grass-roots party members and cadres of discipline and irregularities, greatly improving the speed and quality of lead investigation, effectively reducing the stock of unethical wind and corruption around the masses.

In the early stage of the return of farmland to forestry projects, the county discipline inspection committee tasked the county audit bureau to more than 10,000 households in the county to return farmland to forestry basic information, the use of audit system data to compare screening, found that village and group cadres and their relatives use the same ID card to repeat the declaration, over planting area declaration and other issues. In this regard, the County Discipline Inspection Commission identified the focus and direction of the investigation: first, the act of declaring the area of the village collective motor land to return farmland to forest to obtain subsidies; second, the act of irregular declaration in the name of village cadres and their relatives. In response to possible problems, the county discipline inspection committee set up a special mapping group to carry out concentrated investigation work, in the retreat project, a total of 44 problem clues.

In the county's dangerous house renovation project to check, the county discipline inspection committee through the Audit Bureau "SQL Server" data analysis system, the county Bureau of Industry, Commerce and Quality Supervision of individual business and business registration information, the county traffic police brigade motor vehicle registration information, the county's 2016, 2017 two years of dangerous house renovation households to compare, focusing on screening found that do not meet the declaration requirements of farmers to declare false information, illegal to receive dangerous house renovation subsidies and other issues. Through data sifting and focused screening, a total of 42 problem clues were identified and all have been disposed of.

For the masses around the wind, the county give full play to the role of linkage departments, the tax department regularly screened and reported the county's township governments, county units issued large invoices, suspected false expenses invoices, the county traffic police brigade in important time nodes screened and reported the traffic chokepoint capture of public vehicles on the road. The County Discipline Inspection Commission, according to the specific circumstances of the referral of problem clues, carried out talks and letters of inquiry and verification and investigation, which greatly enhanced the effectiveness of supervision. So far this year, the county has investigated and dealt with 41 cases and 41 people in cases of improper wind and corruption around the masses.

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