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[SQL] Handbook on how to deal with SQL2012 offline help files that don't install

My SQL instance is installed with the 2008 R2 edition, and since that edition comes with SSMS (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio management tool) there are some fucked up issues, such as.

- Poor support for rectangular text blocks (alt+left mouse button selection) in the text editor, e.g. no multi-line batch typing, block pasting, etc.

- When copying the result set, the carriage return line in the cell becomes two spaces, so you can't get the exact value of the cell, which is particularly fucked up

So I installed the standalone version of SSMS 2014 (, click [Download] and select SQLManagementStudio_x64_CHS.exe), yes, use the 2014 version of the management tool to manage the 08R2 version of the instance, but the standalone version of SSMS does not come with help documentation, so after the installation is complete, it is inconvenient to search for anything in the help viewer, so think about loading the help documentation. Originally I wanted to install the 08R2 version of the help, after all, the example is 08R2, everything developed around this version, and the new version of the help will inevitably be more than some new features of the documentation, which will cause interference or even misleading, but looking for and finding the 08R2 offline help, so I had to settle for the second best and install the 2012 version of the help. Originally, you could have used the [Install Content Online] that comes with the help viewer to install, but that download speed is really unbearable, who knows who uses it, so we used to download the offline help and then use the [Install Content from Disk] method to install, 2012 offline help download address.

Download it as a self-extracting file called [SQLServer2012Documentation_June_CHS.exe], double-click it → select the unzip location to get the directory [SQLServer2012Documentation_June_CHS], as shown in Figure.

Where [HelpContentSetup.msha] is the msha file available for selection when [installing content from disk], operating all the way to the actual installation where the following error is bound to pop up.

Well, looking at the logs (running eventvwr.msc), sure enough there is this entry.

But there was no use, so I searched for a doula, and there were a few that said this, but none of them said anything. But it's good, at least it means that I'm not alone in this problem, so it should be a common problem and I can basically rule out the running environment aspect. Keep tossing.

While mucking around with the help manager, I noticed that one of the screens mentioned a path, as shown in.

According to my understanding, this is where the offline help is stored (after research, I'm sure it's not, this should just be MS's own offline help installer storage directory, after the help is installed, the content will be released to C:ProgramDataMicrosoftHelpLibrarycontentMicrosoftstore, equivalent to the difference between the directory where the software installer is located and the software installation directory), in which I really found that there are already some HelpContentSetup.msha, with the attitude of trying, in the [install content from disk] select these msha to try, no error, there is a game, drag the msha file into Notepad, very good, can be displayed normally, is a html description of the file, then compare the downloaded HelpContentSetup.msha with the HelpLibrary what is the difference between.

The process is painful, owing tomsha It's a reference to something else.html/xml documents, These documents in turn refer to otherhtml/xml documents, Final reference to the actual help content file(cab packet), The whole thing is a chain of file references, Every link could be the cause, I am streamlining the relevant files on the chain to only reference acab conditions, Still reporting errors, Considering the possibility that it could becab Version of the package、 Damage or something like that., Again, the normalcab Switch over., integrate relevanthref Change it and try again., The problem remains the same~NND, I don't believe it., Decided to start at the end of the chain, Step-by-step replacement with content that installs properly, Replace one ring and try again, until it is time to putHelpContentSetup.msha swap out, Finally, it's normal., instructionsTMD And that's where the problem lies.msha upper, Now that it's locked on this one., Keep your eyes open to find the problem.。 thankfullymsha Not much content, It's just a few lines., problematicmsha with normalmsha There are some differences, includeinnerText on, Tagged in order of, I'll go with normal.msha Modify line by line, Change it once and try again, Until I saw it.<span class="locale">zh-zn</span>:

Your sister, zh-zn is a god damn thing, instantly felt the problem caught. Lesson learned, in the future, when pulling MS problems, never ignore retarded reasons like spelling errors again, the guy who wrote this document should be dragged out and cut off his jock, fuck! It's not unusual to miss, but don't you even fucking test, have you not found this problem in all that time.

For information on language/area codes, see.

BTW, after knowing the reason, then use HelpContentSetup.msha zh-zn as a keyword to search Baidu, TNND can search, in fact, there is a brother found this problem. Baidu, can you be more reliable?

Solution. Open HelpContentSetup.msha with Notepad, change zh-zn to zh-cn, and save it.

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