SWFT and Waltonchain are officially signed!

SWFT and Waltonchain (Waltonchain) held an official signing ceremony in Hong Kong on January 24, 2018 Beijing time!

Walton Chain

Waltonchain (Waltonchain) on the basis of blockchain, the use of RFID technology, to promote blockchain technology from the Internet to the Internet of things through, to achieve the concept of the value of the Internet of things, so as to create a real and credible, traceable, data fully shared, fully transparent information business model. The aim is to build an underlying business ecology public chain, on which merchants can build various sub-chains according to their needs. The main feature of this business ecosystem is that all data (including data on property ownership, commodity flow data, etc.) is real and trustworthy, untamperable, and time-stamped, so that an honest, real and reliable business ecosystem can be established.

Walton Chainecosystem, The most central parent chain is calledwaltonchain, where the tokens used for circulation and payment are calledwaltoncoin( hereinafter referred to as WTC), throughout Walton Chain In the project system,WTC Play a key central role。 Walton Chain Linking valuable data for various business applications, Payment systems for upper layer applications built on this value data, Both can be based onWTC carry out 。

(Official website: https://www.waltonchain.org/)

Official Twitter: Waltonchain

SWFT and Waltonchain hold official signing ceremony in Hong Kong


SWFT, is the next generation blockchain global transfer protocol that empowers the future. Its platform is built on the existing blockchain industry ecological network, using blockchain cross-chain technology, machine learning and big data technology to achieve risk hedging; and through the APP/website/API one-click operation exchange mode, to help users quickly and conveniently complete the transfer needs, to avoid cumbersome operations and avoid the risk of currency price fluctuations. SWFT is simple to use and inexpensive. The platform's transfer service consists of four parts: coin to coin, digital to fiat, fiat to digital and fiat to fiat. The coin exchange function between digital currencies has been successfully implemented, and other transfer operations will be launched one after another. This cooperation between SWFT and WTC is the development and application of blockchain technology to the Internet of Things, which will bring a new perception and feeling to our life. The initial partnership between SWFT and WTC will begin with WTC coming to the SWFT platform.

SWFT already supports two-for-two swaps between over 17 coins

Scan code to download SWFT 2.4.1


Exchanges where SwftCoin has landed.

HitBTC: https://hitbtc.com/

OEX: https://oex.com/


Firecoinpro: https://www.huobi.pro/zh-cn/



T net:https://www.tokencan.com/

For more information you can check out.

SWFT official microblog: SwftCoin quick currency

SWFT Telegramcrowd:https://t.me/swfcoin

SwftCoin official facebook: "SwftCoin"

SWFT official twitter:SwftCoin

SWFT Official Instagram: swftcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/swftcoin/


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