Sales of over 3 million worldwide! 8G memory version of Honor 10GT comes, flagship strength is really unstoppable

Recently Honor Mobile officially announced that Honor 10 sold 3 million units worldwide! The 8G memory version of the Honor 10GT will be available soon, so we'll see what happens.

Recently, Honor Mobile officially announced that the global sales of Honor 10 have exceeded 3 million units, covering users in 24 countries and regions and 18 different languages.

Honor 10 sales break 3 million units worldwide

The glory 10 as the glory mobile phone 2018 annual aesthetic flagship masterpiece, whether it is the appearance of design or hardware configuration is remarkable, in the appearance of ID design bold innovation, using color changing aurora coating process, with "phantom blue", "phantom purple" trend personality color scheme, showing the young hip style.

Glory 10

But the Tide Beauty flagship doesn't just have a face, its flagship strength cannot be underestimated.

In terms of configuration, the Honor 10 is equipped with Huawei's Kirin 970 AI chip, the independent NPU used to help AI achieve speed leaps and bounds, consuming only 1/50th the energy of the CPU while improving performance by 25 times. The NPU is capable of recognizing 33 images per second.

Glory 10

It is worth mentioning that the Honor 10 has been updated several times to achieve a general improvement, especially to support Huawei's scary technology: GPU Turbo, which can achieve up to 60% performance improvement through hardware and software optimization, and can run large games at full frame stability, playing games more enjoyable.

Glory 10

For photography, the 24-megapixel AI photography can intelligently identify 22 scenes, and with the image semantic segmentation function, it can automatically adjust to the most suitable photography parameters for the current scene, so you can take good photos with foolproof operation.

At the same time, Honor 10 also added AIS intelligent anti-shake handheld super night mode, through AI handheld detection, AI light detection, AI anti-shake processing, AI image synthesis to improve the phone night shooting effect, no tripod, handheld can shoot a night scene blockbuster.

Honor 10 GT

The Honor 10 will also receive a new 8GB RAM version on July 24, which will be the first time that a full range of Huawei phones will come with a massive 8GB of RAM. Are we all more excited about it?

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