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Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones highly vulnerable to hacking, researchers say

Tencent Technology News according to foreign media reports, Security researchers claim, Samsung (South Korean electronics company)Galaxy S7 The smartphone contains theMeltdown The vulnerability could be exploited by hackers, This will put tens of millions of users at risk。 earlier this year, Researchers claim that,Meltdown Security breaches occur in most of the world'sPC laptop、 In smartphones and other devices。 And Samsung Electronics produces theGalaxy S7 and other smartphones are considered forMeltdown Vulnerability is immune。 nevertheless, Security researchers at the Technical University of Graz in Austria say, They have discovered the use ofMeltdown vulnerability attackGalaxy S7 Method of mobile phone。 this year1 month, Samsung claims, It has rolled out security patches to protectGalaxy S7 Mobile phones are protected fromMeltdown Impact of the vulnerability。 this year7 month, The company is back with a new software update program。 “ Samsung takes security very seriously。 Our first consideration in the design of products and services is security。” In a statement, the company said。 Researcher Michael- Schwartz (name)(Michael Schwarz) weigh, Researchers at Graz Technical University plan to present their findings Thursday at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas。 currently, They're still working on it.Meltdown Does the vulnerability have an impact on other makes and models of smartphones, and expects to announce more vulnerable phones in the near future。 “ More phones may be affected, We just don't know it yet.。” He said.,“ Hundreds of millions of phones could be affected byMeltdown Impact of the vulnerability, But the cell phone companies themselves don't know, Therefore no corresponding security patch has been released either。” According to market research firmStrategy Analytics Statistics on the, There are now about3000 million users are usingGalaxy S7。 ever since2016 First launched in 2007Galaxy S7 since (a previous event), Samsung has launched two newGalaxy Series flagship smartphones。 A Samsung spokesperson did not revealGalaxy S7 How many smartphones have been sold。 She said., Now there are no reports of hackers usingMeltdown Vulnerable attack.Galaxy S7 smartphone, No other Samsung phones have been disclosed as vulnerable to attacks either。 Meltdown harmonySpectre The vulnerability can be used to read content processed by the central processor of a computing device。 No hackers have yet exploited these two vulnerabilities to execute an attack。 nevertheless, The mere disclosure of such widespread security vulnerabilities has the entire computer industry shaken。 This has forced chipmakers and device manufacturers to urgently develop programs to close the loophole, prevent troubles before the event (idiom); to forestall。( compile/ take pleasure in learning)

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