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Samsung launches the world's first 146-inch modular MicroLED TV - "TheWall"

On January 8, Samsung Electronics unveiled "The Wall," the world's first 146-inch modular microLED TV, at the annual CES "First Look" event. The TV's display features Samsung's latest display technology, with modularity and self-illumination, making it a self-evolution of the TV, so to speak. While providing an excellent viewing experience, it also serves as a centralized smart network hub that brings a higher quality of everyday lifestyle.

The "First Look" event attracted over 300 media and opinion leaders from around the world. Jonghee Han, President of Samsung's Video Display Business Unit, and Dave Das, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics America, also gave speeches to outline Samsung's vision for the future from the perspective of "TV screens that present superior visual effects while gradually integrating into life through continuous evolution".

"Samsung has always been committed to providing consumers with the most advanced screen experience," said Jonghee Han, president of Samsung Electronics' Imaging Display Division, "As the world's first modular microLED TV for the home, 'The Wall' represents another breakthrough for the industry: not only can it change size at will, but it boasts stunning brightness, color gamut, color rendering volume and blackfield levels. We're thrilled that Samsung is not only pushing another advancement in screen display technology, but also delivering an exceptional viewing experience. "

The world's first MicroLED modular TV: the future of TV

Samsung's "The Wall" is a 146-inch modular TV with MicroLED technology that offers stunning clarity regardless of size, resolution or form factor. It is a self-luminous TV with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) of micron (µm) size, much smaller than the LEDs currently in common use, and capable of acting as a light source itself.

Thanks to MicroLED technology, "The Wall" offers the ultimate viewing experience without the need for color filters or backlighting. In addition, MicroLED screens are more durable and efficient in a number of ways, including luminous efficiency, light source life and power consumption, setting the standard for future screen technology.

"The Wall" has a modular, bezel-less design that allows consumers to customize the size and shape of their TVs to better suit their needs, allowing them to adapt to many different uses, such as creating a wall-sized TV in a variety of spaces.

Artificial intelligence technology for 8K picture quality: maximizing the viewing experience

Samsung also launched the world's first QLED TV with 8K AI technology, which will be available in several countries around the world, launching first in South Korea and the US in the second half of 2018. This AI technology can bring standard definition content up to 8K resolution levels. The technology uses a patented algorithm that can be able to adjust the resolution of the screen to the picture quality characteristics of different scenes, making it easy to convert any source, any type of content to 8K high resolution while continuously improving picture quality.

This 8K solution takes the viewing experience to the next level with several new features. These new features include detail enhancement technology (upgrades for standard resolution content), noise reduction technology, edge recovery (to more clearly outline objects on screen), and automatic sound adjustment technology for different content, such as sporting events or concerts.

New Smart TV for 2018: new Bixby and SmartThings

At the "First Look" event, Samsung showcased enhancements to the 2018 Samsung Smart TV in terms of network connectivity and convenience features, including Bixby, SmartThings and Universal Guide.

Bixby is an intelligent assistant platform developed by Samsung that enables easier interaction between users and their TVs through an intuitive user experience and comprehensive voice analysis capabilities. With SmartThings, the hub of Samsung's IoT platform, the 2018 Samsung Smart TV will have easier sharing and networking capabilities. With SmartThings, it's simpler for users to control their TVs or sync them with other devices. New for 2018, Universal Guide is an advanced program navigation feature that automatically recommends programs and content based on user preferences.

In addition, highlights such as 8K-AI technology, 4K HDR Gaming, HDR10+, and Smart TV experience will be highlighted in each product area of the "First Look" event. These areas will be open to First Look 2018 visitors, allowing them to experience Samsung's most exciting innovations in television first-hand.

To learn more about Samsung's latest innovations in TVs, visit Samsung's CES booth (#15006) in Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, on display from January 9-12, 2018.

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