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Scan code for public transport in Yan'an in 0.3 seconds

Yanan bus, "code" on travel.

On January 17, the province's first Tencent ride code wisdom application was officially launched online in the city. Feng Zhendong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and secretary of the political and legal committee, who was researching at the municipal bus head office, and Han Ming, senior director of Tencent's public policy department, experienced the code ride together on site.

The Yanan Transportation Ride Code is a QR code developed by Tencent that can be used to ride public transportation. When the public first use the service, they can search and add "Tencent Ride Code" through the WeChat app and scan the code on the bus to "ride first and pay later" without network or recharge, effectively solving the confusion of "no change or forgetting the bus card". At present, the general public and tourists can use the Yan'an Transportation Ride Code to take a total of 47 buses on five routes, including K19, K205, Deputy K205, K206 and K208, with one click. The plan is to open the entire line before the Spring Festival in the city bus vehicle code ride service, really let the people "a machine in the hand, smooth tour of the Holy Land", enjoy convenient travel "light" experience.

This reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office (Municipal Big Data Development Administration) that the Tencent ride code officially launched in Yan'an is another masterpiece launched by Yan'an and Tencent in the field of "Internet + Smart City" construction, following the "WeChat medical insurance payment" and the first batch of national open innovation pilot platform of a new generation of artificial intelligence "Tencent Foraging" in the hospital of Yan'an University. Next, the two sides will closely follow the theme of people's livelihood, deeply implement the strategic cooperation between the municipal government and Tencent, accelerate the deep integration of the Internet and various fields of economy and society, and help Yan'an build an efficient, green and safe "Holy Land City of Wisdom" in all aspects.

Reporter/ Zhu Jiayu Intern/ Zhao Shuangchun Editor/ Gao Yan

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Legal advisor: Shaanxi Yonengda Law Firm, Wang Dong

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