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Sci-fi romance movie artificial girl awakens for love

Ltd., co-produced by Image Media, and exclusively promoted by Image Media, starring young actors Zhang Xiang, Lu Benjuan, Rong Fei, Teng Xiaopeng, and Li Yun Ao, the sci-fi romance online movie "Artificial Girl" today revealed its poster and stills, and announced that the movie will be exclusively released on March 1 on the Aiki Yi platform.

The future is at stake.

Today, the film's set poster, revealed by the filmmakers of "Artificial Girl," brings out the film's techno-suspense overtones. The poster as a whole features a futuristic world full of high-rise buildings and grey skies as the main scene. The main character Liu Quan (Zhang Xiang) appears in a frontal role, with a determined gaze and a slender leather-clad girl in his arms, who radiates a techno blue holographic projection from the back of her neck; behind Liu Quan, ANN (Benjamin Lu), dressed in a tight black outfit, stands sideways in a guardian stance with her soulful and ruthless eyes. The poster, in addition to the character's performance, has raised expectations for the film, and the slogan "Opening the Road to Awakening for Love" echoes the plot presented in the stills released by the filmmakers.

It is understood that the film's producers announced the film's schedule to build momentum, but also together released a batch of stills showing a very different plot. The first stills are more suspenseful, with ANN on the roof of a gothic building, confronting a mysterious woman; the second stills are very straightforward, showing ANN and a sexy woman with a crossbow having a fight, with the two looking tense and seemingly extraordinarily intense; the third stills focus on love, with ANN smiling and embracing Liu Quan, a moment of peace after a big fight is blissful.

(Stills 1)

(Stills 2)

(Stills 3)

Artificial intelligence delves into precious emotions across the divide

The story of "Artificial Girl" takes place in a future world where artificial intelligence technology is advancing rapidly, and ANN, an artificial girl, is sent by the highly sophisticated artificial intelligence company IBC to retrieve the "golden finger". For this reason, she approaches Liu Quan, a former researcher at the IBC, as a spy. In the process of spending time with Liu Quan, ANN, however, gradually unlocks the secrets covering the depths of her memory chip, which are inextricably linked to Liu Quan.

The film's director, Gu Shisuke, was introduced to the debate of "whether or not an artificial human being with divine knowledge has power", which is often explored in Hollywood science fiction films, when conceiving the film's content. In addition, in order to present a better science fiction film with suspense, he can also be said to be quite attentive in the construction of the creative team, "Artificial Girl" gathered a number of quality film and television productions of the creative team, producer Liu Zhanyong, cinematographer Meng Fei, etc. were involved in the shooting of the film production.

The cast of "Artificial Girls" is equally unmissable. Zhang Xiang, who has successfully appeared in "Psycho 2" and "Qin Shi Ming Yue", will play the role of Liu Quan, a quiet and reticent person who has a lot of secrets deep inside; and Lu Benjuan, who has a wonderful role in "Double Journey" and "Dream X Project", will also break through to play the role of ANN, an android who is a teenager on the outside but full of resistance on the inside. At the same time, Rong Fei, who impressed the audience in "The Great Han Love", Teng Xiaopeng, who made his debut in "The Hot Mom", and other young quality actors such as Lee Yun Ao, Sung Min, Yang Yin and Liu Chu also joined the filming of "Artificial Girl".

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