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Responsible, focused, sincere, is the attitude of the nine brothers, standing in the position of traders, heart to share the trading experience for everyone, less mistakes, more money

Good afternoon, everyone. I'm Nine.

I've been busy with collaborations lately, and it feels like spring is a really amazing time of year, a great time to plant seeds, as industries lay out their strategies for the whole year and set out all sorts of goals. But there are a lot of things in there that aren't all strategically important, and there are smaller details that still need to be taken care of, and sort of Ninth's own experience.

Read before《 Ji's Philosophy of Life Lessons》 at the time of, What I've learned is becoming more and more insightful, What makes successful people successful, It's not because they always take the big chances、 become a great person, They're just like ordinary people., It's just the little things that we face every day.。 But the difference is, They can take the little things seriously, You don't slack off just because it's small.、 satisfied just get through (idiom); to muddle through。 And when they do the little things carefully, And so the great work was done.。

Many people have“ lit. become famous overnight and the whole world knows it” dream of, Looking forward to making a splash or two“ major event”, Make yourself successful all at once。 That in itself is true, nevertheless, Just want to do big things, Not wanting to do small things or even not caring about them is a very bad mindset。

It's the same with trading., Always thinking of a big bull market to make big money, Don't care at all about operating in a bear market yourself at the moment, Then one's money may be wiped out before the big bull market comes。 There are many others who are lurking, Wait for the big bull market to come out before you go in, Numerous people find it feasible, That's a good idea.。

Nine thinks it's pretty good too, but what Nine wants to ask is how do you tell when a big bull market is coming and get out and get in? The thing in investing and trading is not in the entry, but in the entry before, the work is in the poetry! It's those things before you go in that determine the outcome after you go in!

If it's always too small to make an effort, Then God will not give you the chance to do great things, And even if by chance you are given a chance to do something big, You'd blow a chance like that too.。

market analysis


Bitcoin 4-hour cycle price is still oscillating, Nine has long been accustomed to such a market, the rapid rise and fall in the middle are not representative of the direction, because treat this finishing range as a chaotic range, like the state before Pan Gu split the heaven and earth. In this price are long and short fight, before this war is divided into winners and losers, no kung fu and no team to go in is not to send people's heads!

Trading is not about getting in and getting out, that is the outward manifestation, not the essence. Just like the outward form of a human being living is an exhale, but inside there is a soul! Nine is not to scare anyone, can not think of these, in the market are not living long ......

For now for bitcoin or continue to focus on the daily cycle rally, What I said before about long orders and stuff, And they all repeatedly stressed that it wasn't a bottom., It's a long rally order., So understanding must be clear。 Now the price shakeout is no less, This indicates that the bulls are still in favour in the short term, The probability of prices hitting another high is relatively high, So there are more than one single recommended to leave a bottom position to hold。 At least for now here Nine doesn't see a short signal in this level yet, So short just don't try in this cycle for now。


The Ether is performing a little better than btc, the club warriors say they want to do long term single, so they don't have to stare at the plate, too tired, but nine asked before in 360, 400 or so suggested into the multi-single still holding? As a result, it's basically not even held anymore. In the middle of this price does appear to have fallen quickly, and then the gods jumped out to scare the leeks, but nine also clearly said the chaotic chase single people suffer, low into the people are not affected. So what's the deal? Right direction + positional advantage + good mindset.

At that time, the nine brothers also stressed, do the Ether single is also just a layout single, only after the market and then look down the space is not large. At this stage, the long side inside the short cycle is still relatively strong, so similar to BTC, continue to focus on the short cycle long side. What is to be prevented here is a pullback after a two-stage divergence in the Ether shock to the upside. The position does not need to be too heavy.


Ripple has also made new highs today, and for many of our previously trapped comrades, the question to ponder here is whether to unwind and leave the market. Like a club member asked Nine today, Nine is suggesting that if Ripple operates, the vision should be far away, its future is not those cottage and air coins can be compared, so you can't follow that mentality to invest either.

The market is uncertain, meaning that no one can predict the future, here directly open a big bull market probability also ah, so it is still recommended that you can take the, mind put, should run is the future of those positions unknown.

For things that are firm, Have the drive to die.!

Well, today nine brothers to talk here, about other currency varieties need to add can be in the WeChat public number: message area message, or there is no understanding of the customer service WeChat into the group chat:.

Team Skybit, All are blockchain hobbyists and researchers, The nine brothers to share with you are also their own so many years of trading insights, I'm more from the perspective of a trader like everyone else, Instead of sitting back and watching the pure analyst position。 For areas of common interest, We're with you., I hope you can absorb it or it can help answer some of your confusion。

If you find it helpful, And to help others., Please do not hesitate to like and retweet, Nine would like to thank you! We're working with our hearts., And I hope you will pass on this heart。

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