See you at the 2017 OpenPower China Summit!

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a global, open R&D membership organization that promotes and encourages collaborative innovation based on the POWER architecture. OpenPOWER members share experience, investment and server-level intellectual property to develop solutions that meet the evolving needs of technology customers.

The OpenPOWER Foundation supports members in customizing POWER processors, system platforms, firmware and middleware software, optimized to meet their business and organizational needs. Member innovations delivered and under development include custom systems for large data centers, workload acceleration via GPU, FPGA or advanced I/O, and platform optimization for software appliances, or advanced hardware technology development.

Since its inception, the OpenPOWER Foundation has grown and progressed significantly, with members bringing a variety of OpenPOWER-based development and innovation products to market. In addition, members have created several developer resources for developers using the platform.

The following set of figures bears witness to the growth of OpenPOWER.

- 300+ members.

- Members from 33 countries.

- 100,000+ Linux applications running on Power.

- 2,300 ISV vendors writing code on Linux.

- Over 100 products registered as OpenPOWER Ready.

- More than 20 system manufacturers

- Over 40 Power-based systems delivered and under development

- 100+ collaborative innovations underway.

On December 13, 2017 OpenPOWER China Summit Forum was held in Beijing with the theme of "Artificial intelligence core ecology, accelerating innovation to help China", talking about openness and building ecology with many partners.

Identify the QR code below to watch Live Streaming

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1、Share a set of SSM development framework with source code
2、Find the number with the greatest number of occurrences in an array
3、Mootoolscom C Expedition of Packaging above Study Notes
4、swingbench pressure testing Oracle mininotes r12 notes day 19
5、The rise of Java microframeworks popular microservices framework review

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