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Seize the opportunity of cloud technology Shenzhen supercomputing help Wuzhen virtual industrial park

In the era of integration of Internet+ concept and traditional enterprises, cloud computing has the dazzling ability to innovate the future and explore the unknown, and through its own in-depth cloud services, it has gradually become an indispensable "sweat equity" for enterprises and institutions. More and more enterprises are realizing the importance of cloud services for the future and accelerating their migration to the cloud to cross the security gate in the cloud computing era.

In 2018, Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park seized the strategic opportunity of "Internet" and "cloud computing", gave full play to the policy dividend of Wuzhen and the own advantages of relevant cloud product service enterprises, and provided secure, stable, fast and preferential cloud servers for the resident enterprises. Shenzhen Supercomputing helps Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park service, seizes the strategic opportunity of cloud technology and opens the exploration path of enterprises on the cloud.

Cloud services help Wuzhen's development as it moves into the "Internet" fast lane

With the convening and permanent settlement of the World Internet Conference in 2014, Wuzhen has become a cultural accumulation of China's and the world's Internet development history, a showcase for the latest achievements of the world's network technology, and a gathering place for high-end industry incubation in recent years, integrating various fields such as data, cloud computing, car networking services, smart pension, and crowdsourcing platforms. In Wuzhen, cloud computing, big data, etc. is not only synonymous with "high precision", but also the wisdom of people's daily life needs, Wuzhen Internet Hospital, Zhejiang Big Data Exchange, 5G Telematics, artificial intelligence, Wuzhen people seem to drive into the fast lane of the Internet era earlier, catching the speedy train of cloud computing.

Wuzhen, is no longer the town that only aims at tourism development, it is more shifting its attention to the strategic policy of building an integrated development of tourism and Internet industry, and the overall development orientation has changed. But whether it's tourism development or Internet development, the ultimate goal of Wuzhen is to benefit people's livelihoods so that everyone can enjoy the dividends of the town's development, including the improvement of public life services.

The Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park will serve the public throughout the whole process, bring into play the policy dividends of cloud services, implement the "100,000 enterprises in the cloud" action plan, improve the development momentum and competitiveness of enterprises in various fields under the new normal, and thus improve the quality of life of people, including medical care, education, transportation, housing security and the environment.

Shenzhen supercomputing helps Uptown virtual industrial park services to give users a better sense of security

The future of industrial development in Uptown consists of 5 main areas. Headquarters and convention economy, creator economy, smart manufacturing, cultural tourism segment based on Wuzhen Canal, and public service segment. And as a key development industry, Internet businesses are contributing to all aspects of development. However, Wuzhen is still lacking in large enterprises, leading companies and product awareness in the Internet field, and the only way to build a tall building for development is through data, cloud computing and other technology services.

Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park gives full play to the policy dividend of Wuzhen and the own advantages of the relevant cloud product service companies to provide secure, stable, fast and preferential cloud servers and one-to-one exclusive server operation and maintenance services for the resident enterprises. Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park caters to the customized needs of enterprises in terms of functions, is equipped with perfect cloud servers and cloud server operation and maintenance related service contents, and provides price concessions such as 80% discount on various domestic public clouds for the resident enterprises who purchase cloud products and services.

Of course, the Wuzhen Virtual Industrial Park does more than that, relying on the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center for the virtual industrial park cloud services escort to protect the security of user data. National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center provides higher security prevention and control and better security perception. Combined with the center's computing power and security technology, the service level rivals any cloud provider in the market.

Safe and stable, collaborative innovation, Shenzhen supercomputing as a powerful assistant to enterprises

The National Center for Supercomputing Shenzhen was approved in 2009 and is currently equipped with a supercomputer system with a measured sustained computing speed of 1,271 trillion times per second, ranking second in the world in 2010. The infrastructure condition of the center ranks the first among all supercomputing centers in China, and is rated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as one of the first 5A class computer rooms in China. In recent years, the center has applied for 36 domestic patents and intellectual property rights, published 32 papers, and undertaken 37 national and provincial and municipal research projects.

With the gradual improvement of the cloud computing business model and the gradual formation of the ecosystem. Shenzhen Supercomputing is not a service provider that only provides computing resources for enterprises, institutions and individuals, but gives full play to the "Urban Public Service Cloud" developed by itself to provide various users with data and information, computing resources and shared application functions, so that users do not need to spend more time and money on IT construction, system maintenance and information security, thus allowing users to focus their main energy on innovation and business development, which also helps to improve the overall social productivity of the industry and achieve economies of scale.

Shenzhen Supercomputing relies on its own software and hardware advantages to improve the security guarantee system of cloud services in different industries, provide highly reliable cloud services for domestic government and enterprises, and help enterprises go to the cloud.

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