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September 2018 Research Express

Take a look at what research is available to spit out in September in the field of ecology!

(A bit of a tangent because technically this doesn't count as an environmental category) Determination of chemical composition profiles in raw milk, bus-pasteurized milk, and UHT-sterilized milk using a metabolomics-like approach. This study found that oxidized lipids can be used as markers (markers) to distinguish different milk products. (Recommended by Tian Zhenyu)

If the city is considered as a whole, then the transfer of agricultural products between the city and farmland can also be seen as a kind of import and export, according to which some people have mapped the import and export distribution of agricultural products in metropolitan areas in the U.S. Nearly 80% of metropolitan areas are in need of imported agricultural products, and this kind of urban-rural transfusion relationship also exists objectively in the country, and the economic equivalence does not necessarily reflect the spatially rational allocation of resources, which provides the basic data for sustainable urban planning and design. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

DNA is generally considered to be more stable than RNA, this study tested the photolysis rate constants for single stranded/double stranded + DNA/RNA and found that double stranded is more stable than single stranded and RNA is more stable than DNA, this result I think is more enlightening for evolutionary studies and may be used to explain the environmental processes of RNA viruses. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

It was very interesting to see the title, PFAS and hyperthyroidism in cats correlated, and the nest clicked in to see the data. But looking at the data it turns out that the difference between the hyperthyroid and non-hyperthyroid groups isn't really that big, eh. (Don't you blame me, Mr. Wang) As well as the selection of cats that are ten years old or older, presumably after that age you can be considered an old cat? (Recommended by Tian Zhenyu)

Urbanization levels were originally reported by their respective countries, all at larger scales, and this study regressed artificial material flows such as steel, cement, and aluminum products at the kilometer scale through urban nighttime lights and found that they could be used to study surface material flows. This phenomenon can actually be dug deeper, for example in spectral analysis. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

The annual rings can be used not only to record the age of a tree, but also to infer the heavy metal pollution of the time, and this study uses the annual rings to nicely trace the European gold-digging era of amalgam use. Chronicles, icicles, and mud cores are all common and relatively independent samples in environmental chemistry that reflect material changes over time scales, except that they are not generally difficult to sample. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

Modern people are becoming more and more housebound, so indoor pollution may actually be more of a concern than outdoor pollution. A common argument is to open windows and air out the sun or paint photosensitive paints to deodorize, but this study found that some photosensitive paints used for indoor deodorization also release high levels of volatile organic pollution. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

It's a standard piece of interdisciplinary indoctrination, the concepts are wrong in many places, and if someone who actually does machine learning saw it they'd probably think it was an after-school exercise. (Recommended by Yu Miao)

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