Seven days! Let this language, which spans the arts and sciences and business, take you across the door to data analysis

What time is it? big data era . This means that whether you are studying, working or living, you need to Handles a lot of data material.

Students preparing for a career in business are sure to face time and time again market research harmony Market Analysis , not only that, but whatever the profession, where it comes to Information processing, data organization, PPT charting tasks, all of which require you to have some data analysis skills.

Having good data analysis skills will help you perform better and faster analytical processes, produce quality results, enhance your learning, and make your More professional and perfect results

When you get to college, when the crowd is overwhelmed by a pile of data, you smile slightly, crackle a fierce operation like a tiger, and then the computer turns to put Organized and well-organized data Show it off and just wait for the admiring looks!

In order that all students may Early exposure to the field of data analytics To master the operation of professional software and enhance your programming skills, Palm Avenue presents 7 Day R Language Boot Camp

It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about programming, after all, our goal is to develop you into a complex person! You'll understand and operate the package!

Why R

top : R has been on the list of ieee programming languages for three years in a row.

"Status" is prominent : Built by several statisticians, it is a language and environment made for statistics and data.

Wide range of uses : Whether studying or working, R will be the language of choice when it comes to statistics, analysis, and graphing.

Easy to get started : Command operation flexibility, mapping features top , free and open source , automated processing .

Super friendly for programming beginners!

Super friendly for programming beginners!

Super friendly for programming beginners!

Get it up!

7 Day R Language Boot Camp Introduction

Step 1: Basic operation

From installation to use,Take a comprehensive look atR harmonyRstudio Introduction to the interface, Path setting and data reading。

It also includes basic data operations and data structures explained in a white-knuckle style, so you won't be afraid to listen.

Step 2: Data Visualization

Want to get yourPPT harmony forms for reporting statisticsstand out Is it? Want to make all kinds of high quality bar charts, pie charts, box line charts, and scatter and histograms? You can.

(Bar chart, source Test Valley Online)

(Histogram, source Alchemy into Gold)

Step 3: Data analysis

Theory + Practical . Takes you through linear regression modeling and application of data using R's data analysis capabilities to get future trends that can guide decision making.

Does it seem hard to look at those tall charts above?

Fear not, this bootcamp has been set up specifically for white people in different fields. Course language is easy to understand , hands on, what are you worried about?

Training Camp Schedule

Lecturer Introduction

Guo Qiang (1902-1968), Chinese communist party member

Ph.D. in Political Science, New York University

M.A. in Political Science, Duke University B.A. in Economics, Zhejiang University

The research areas are political economy and Quantitative social sciences approach

Course Takeaways.

1.Improve your data processing skills, have the ability to handle problems in R, and become proficient in using R to make beautiful charts.

2.Seven sessions of course lectures are paired with after-school training, combining real-world theory to help you get out of school quickly.

3.Having a small group of like-minded people to monitor each other, learn and progress together.

Suitable for people

1.Students aiming at top business universities and wishing to study finance, marketing, etc.

2.Students who want to improve their data analysis skills and are ready to make a big splash when they go to college.

3.Students who want to learn about programming but have no way to get started and want a teacher who can take them by the hand to get started.

Course Awards

Basic bonus!

From all the students who have carefully completed the 7 days of course work + homework clock, 50 students will be selected to receive -Amazon Gift Card (worth 50RMB)

Stack the rewards!

From all the students who have carefully completed the 7 days of course work + homework clock, 5 students will be selected to receive another - The R Language in Action (Value RMB76.6)

The Chosen One!

Finally! One more Chosen Student will be selected from all the students who have carefully completed the 7-day course study + homework clock to receive -kindle (Starter model)!

Note: Winners will be announced in the study group on October 8.

Registration method

Current Course

No threshold! No charge!

Come on in and sign up!

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