Several options for installing security cameras using fiber optic networks

In fiber optic network cabling, the application of fiber optic transceivers has become more and more common, the following is a brief introduction to several common ways of fiber optic transceiver networking.

A, the more common application of fiber optic transceivers

The traditional one-to-one approach of 1 optical and 1 electrical at the front end and 1 optical and 1 electrical at the back end, or 1 optical 2/4/8 electrical port at the front end and 1 optical and 1 electrical connection at the back end.

Second, the application of fiber optic transceiver centralized power supply rack

With a large number of applications of fiber optic transceivers in the network monitoring fiber optic transmission layer, the application of centralized power supply racks at the server room end is becoming more and more common, eliminating the need for power cabling, saving manpower, and also keeping the overall layout of the server room end beautiful.

Application of cascade type fiber optic transceiver (fiber optic switch)

Several of the main applications are currently 2 light 2 power, 2 light 3 power, 2 light 4 power, 2 light 8 power, etc.

In the actual project wiring process, some areas are more difficult to lay fiber, you can consider 2 optical multi-electric fiber transceivers, in a core of fiber in series with multiple fiber switches, each fiber switch can be connected to multiple network switches. Of course, the disadvantages of this link method are also relatively obvious. Once the middle chain layer fails, it directly affects the use of the following chain layer transceivers. In the actual fiber optic cabling scheme design, this cascade type link scheme can be used in some areas where fiber resources are scarce or fiber laying is difficult. For example, highways, project improvements, and other projects.

Fourth, the convergence of fiber optic transceiver (fiber optic switch) applications

Commonly available are 4 light 1/2 electric and 8 light 1/2 electric products.

Converged fiber optic transceivers are more commonly used in some small network monitoring projects for many-to-one links.

The 4 optical 1/2 electrical or 8 optical 1/2 electrical fiber optic switch at the server room end directly replaces multiple 1 optical 1 electrical fiber optic transceivers and connects directly to the NVR through the gigabit network port of the fiber optic fiber optic switch, reducing the application of one network switch at the server room end.

V. Parallel application of cascaded fiber optic transceivers and converged fiber optic transceivers

With the widespread use in network monitoring projects, multi-category fiber optic transceiver products have emerged rapidly, and the stability of the products has also been significantly improved, cascade and convergence type products will be more and more common in the future of fiber optic network cabling applications.

Sixth, the application of ring type fiber optic transceiver

At present, there are relatively few ring-type products applied in the market, and the production cost of the products is relatively high, which are mainly used in some government projects and some special industries.

Only one core of fiber is needed to form a ring network, saving cabling costs, and a failure at one of the points does not affect the others. (Source: First Monitor)

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