Shandong Julong Hydraulics: Building the industry leader in intelligent manufacturing!

Shandong Julong Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focused on improving the execution of manufacturing enterprises, hired a professor from Shandong University of Technology to establish an intelligent control system for the production process, using bar codes for real-time data drive, optimizing the production process and value chain of the enterprise, and improving the market competitiveness of products.

At Julong Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Professor Zhao Lianjun is explaining to workers how to use the intelligent barcode for the whole life cycle of a single product. Prof. Zhao Lianjun is the director of the Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Computer Science, Shandong University of Technology. Since last year, he has been invited by Shandong Julong to start collaborative research on a real-time data-driven intelligent control system for production processes in manufacturing enterprises, namely the PPM system.

Professor Zhao Lianjun, director of the Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Computer Science, Shandong University of Technology, said: "The system is based on bar codes, to achieve intelligent control of the entire life cycle of the product, from raw materials to the production and processing process, and to the after-sales service to achieve real-time real accurate and traceable management of the whole process data, based on this real, real-time and traceable data and intelligent analysis based on big data, to achieve intelligent decision-making in the production process of enterprises. "

Traditional manufacturing enterprises before the use of bar codes, according to the plan of production, the production process of each part of the information logistics as well as value flow is not synchronized, it is easy to cause the backlog of raw materials and production process of semi-finished products waste, resulting in order delays and a series of problems, so that the enterprise's manufacturing costs increased, the schedule out of control.

After the adoption of barcode based product lifecycle traceability, the enterprise's products from the beginning of the order, the purchase of raw materials, the purchase of raw materials and the processing of the operating time of the operator, as well as the material delivery can achieve real-time collection, based on this real-time data, the manufacturing cost of the product will also be real-time accounting, so that the enterprise can real-time control the cost of the product, progress and production quality.

With barcodes, each part is uploaded at different production stages for intelligent control and control at all times, greatly improving production efficiency.

Ltd. is deeply impressed by the use of bar codes, he said: "After the sweeping system, the data in the production process can be provided in real time to the production scheduling, production planning arrangements, providing a strong basis for our material waste and labor hours waste reduced a lot, greatly saving our production costs, so that we have a certain advantage in the same industry competition. "

The use of barcodes not only plays a huge role in the production process, but also continues to play a "residual" role after the product is put into production.

In the field of intelligent manufacturing factory, barcode based total life cycle control is a basic condition for the realization of intelligent factory, and Julong Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co.

For the next development, Zhao Lianjun is confident, he said: "Through real-time big data intelligent analysis, continuous optimization and improvement of the enterprise production process, to achieve full participation, full quality control, real-time cost accounting management concept. Comprehensively improve the production efficiency and anti-quality risk capability of the enterprise, comprehensively improve the management system and process execution of Shandong Julong, accelerate the deep integration of informationization, industrialization and intelligence of the enterprise, quickly build an intelligent factory overall solution for the industry, and become a leading enterprise in the industry of intelligent manufacturing. "

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