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Shanghai Forum Volunteer Tour

Second volunteer event in my life, but I think it was the first full-day one. Shanghai forum, get to know it.



A long-awaited early start

I haven't seen the world before 6:00 since I started college, and this weekend, it was up at 5:40am both days.

To be honest, now that I think about it, I still kind of miss that morning when I didn't get enough sleep and woke up in a daze and groggy because, it was like I was back in my senior year of high school, the busiest yet happiest time.

Arriving early on the first day, the empty International Convention Center foreshadowed the pomp and circumstance that was about to take place here.

The next day I went to the Light and Power building early and the big screen gave me the urge to step up to the podium.

After standing all morning on the first day, it felt like my feet weren't my own anymore, and my back was particularly sore, so even though there wasn't a huge workload, just standing was exhausting.

The next day there was seating though, But it's been there all day., That's why it's especially hard.。 And very little breakfast., Lunch was late., I was so sleepy at lunchtime.weary。



fill out

Saw a lot of great people, and some of the presentations were very eye-opening

I saw a lot of great people on the first day, starting with the top leaders of Fudan, Jiao Yang and Xu Ningsheng. And then there are many other international bods, the most impressive would be an Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, and a certain Harvard professor. It wasn't very interesting for the most part, but still, it felt like the horizons were broadened.

I also used the simultaneous interpretation equipment for the first time, and I felt that they were so great. I hope my English level will be the same as theirs in the future.

The next day, "When Insurance Meets Artificial Intelligence", I actually got subbed to lift a sign, so is it safe to assume that all these bigwigs will notice me~?

After all, it is also a major related to artificial intelligence, so I still listened to some of it and found that I still know a bit more about AI and big data, so I hope I can become the best in this field in the future.

Grab the pot from the lady of ceremonies to hold up the sign

A rewarding presentation



I feel like I'm being played.

I have to spill the beans that the volunteer activities behind this high end looking Shanghai forum are so chaotic.

First, there is overstaffing. It seems like the tasks are divided up in detail, but when you go there you don't know what to do. Take the conference team, 11 people went over there, didn't know what to expect, were paged around as miscellaneous, and seemed to become mobile.

The thing that pissed me off the most was the first night. It was clear that the task in the list was just to go stomping around, but the person in charge had already been there and there was nothing more for me to do, but suddenly the pot of receiving supplies was thrown at my head.

Just throw it at me and forget it. I'll get it. As a result, when I arrived in a hurry, I was told it hadn't been taken care of and to wait. I just waited outside raw for half an hour, got bitten by mosquitoes and didn't get anything, and was really speechless about this.

But luckily I have Piggy and the Emperor, two super loving people who take it upon themselves to call me and yell at them with me when they hear I'm aggravated, which is really super touching!!!



Met a lot of interesting people, ate a lot of good food

Although it was tiring and aggravating, the volunteer event was very rewarding.

This one is a volunteer work permit that was surreptitiously siphoned off.

Met a lot of great peeps.

I've experienced the VIP treatment!

Hey, guys.

A hearty lunch.

| I hope this is my future self|

Mohammedan Secretary of State

Shanghai Forum

When Insurance Meets Artificial Intelligence

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Production | Mohammedan Secretary of State

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