cool hit counter Shanghai continues to be on fire and Chengdu is not far behind!_Intefrankly

Shanghai continues to be on fire and Chengdu is not far behind!

Today is the second day of the exhibition, "917 Smart Health Hut" exhibition hall inside and outside the crowd, people come to visit, consultation, staff are also busy. Many businessmen went to the negotiation area to consult with the staff in detail about "917 Intelligent Health Hut" and expressed their desire for cooperation. Many regular customers of "917 Smart Health Hut" also took this opportunity to come to the exhibition hall to negotiate with the staff on the next cooperation plan. Follow the lens of the editor next to review the day's festivities.

(Prospective agents inquiring at the 917 Smart Health Hut pavilion)

The traffic into the pavilion is huge! The inquiries are coming in! The signings keep coming! Over time, "917 Smart Health Hut" became the hottest keyword at the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Fair.

(The 917 Smart Health Hut Pavilion Live)

917 Smart Health Hut" is a health management workstation around the people, a comprehensive health platform from medical checkups, health big data analysis, health management solutions to physical therapy for rehabilitation and beauty, connecting family health, hospital full-time appointment, registration, referral and other series, an intelligent health ecosystem. Even traditional family doctors abroad will be replaced by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence approach of The 917 Smart Health Hut, an instant response health management system that protects people's health anytime, anywhere.

(Mr. Deng Liping, President of Jinhao Yang, communicating with the prospective agents)

The 917 Smart Health Hut integrates over 3 million cases of global health big data, applies artificial intelligence instruments and human body recognition algorithms, and is jointly developed into a series of health products by the Wisdom Medical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Southern University of Science and Technology and Guangdong Jinhao Yang Technology Holdings Limited, which will allow all people to share the services of technological health, technological health care and technological Chinese medicine.

(Introduction to the 917 Smart Health Hut equipment)

Using the principle of "pass, drain, supplement, nourish and shape", the traditional Chinese medicine techniques are completed more precisely and efficiently through high-tech rehabilitation and beauty instruments. At present, 917 intelligent health hut face diagnosis instrument, tongue diagnosis instrument, skin testing instrument, electrocardiography testing instrument and blood pressure, blood oxygen, pulse diagnosis detector can replace the Chinese medicine "look, smell, ask, cut"; 917 intelligent health hut also upgraded the traditional acupuncture to intelligent acupuncture equipment, the traditional moxibustion, upgraded to intelligent moxibustion, the traditional manual massage upgraded to Kang hit wave equipment massage. Technology-enabled Chinese medicine for superior results in pain treatment, lymphatic detoxification, whitening and hydration, cellular energy enhancement, weight loss and shaping, peace of mind and sleep relief, and meridian circulation.

(Live from the 917 Smart Health Hut Pavilion)

Smart Health Hut 917 booth information

Exhibition period: April 11-13

Hall No.: 4.2

Booth No.: 42G32

The 39th CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo 2018

Exhibition Period: April 19 - April 21, 2018

Hall No.: Hall 4

Booth No.: 4E70-4E78

Address: New International Convention Center, Century City, Chengdu

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