Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry enters the "fast lane"

SHANGHAI, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- Artificial intelligence applications are currently on the rise, especially in the fields of assisted driving, computer vision and intelligent robotics, which have started to enter the industrialization stage. On the 28th, Huaxia Core released domestic independent high-end processors and artificial intelligence chips in Songjiang, Shanghai, to help the development of China's artificial intelligence industry. Mao Junfa, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and dean of the School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University, said artificial intelligence is an important future development direction, and the application of artificial intelligence cannot be separated from chips. Compared to the PC era, China's information industry lacks a core, in the era of artificial intelligence, China's self-developed chips have the opportunity to run or even lead the world. From human eye vision to car assisted driving through machine vision, from language translation on mobile phones to home robots communicating through semantic understanding, artificial intelligence will undoubtedly have a major impact on the global industrial ecology. The State Council released the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", which proposes that by 2020, the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence will be in line with the world's advanced level, and the artificial intelligence industry will become an important new economic growth point. The "Implementation Opinions on the City's Promotion of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence" released by the Shanghai Municipal Government proposes that by 2020, about five AI featured industrial clusters will be built, about 10 AI innovation benchmark enterprises will be cultivated, and the scale of key AI industries will exceed 100 billion yuan. On the 28th, "Shanghai Lingang Artificial Intelligence Industry Base" was inaugurated, and at the same time Shanghai Lingang Artificial Intelligence enterprises were signed, including a number of iconic enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence such as Horizon, Shugen Internet, Baidu Innovation Center, and Aerospace Eight Institute, further gathering innovation. On the same day, Songjiang District Investment Promotion Service Center, Dongjing Town People's Government signed several cooperation agreements with Huaxia Core and Shanghai Zero Plus One Investment Management Co., Ltd. to carry out in-depth cooperation in AI-related fields and promote the development of AI-related industries and the cultivation of industrial clusters in Songjiang and even Shanghai. The reporter learned from Shanghai Songjiang that the G60 science and innovation corridor Dongjing artificial intelligence industry base has gathered more than 80 artificial intelligence-related enterprises. In October this year, the base was recognized as a special industrial base by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Gao Yiyi, deputy mayor of Songjiang District, Shanghai, said that Songjiang will accelerate the cultivation of innovative development momentum and promote the scientific and technological achievements on the "highway" of the market. For more exciting content, please search and pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

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