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Shared logistics, see the new mode of operation of the cargo rider platform

Anyone would like to get off work early, but the customer is God and serving them well is the only way to get fed. The Cargo Knight logistics sharing platform has found that many large logistics companies have a disadvantage in that the process is relatively complex and cannot be motorized.

The Cargo Rider platform operates on a model where the shipper and the truck driver directly discuss the delivery and dispatch time to ensure that the goods are delivered within as many days. This model is a bit like Taobao shopkeepers, customers then discuss with Taobao customer service what goods they want, when to ship, there is a mutual discussion process.

And the logistics company is like a contracting company, all the shipments together, and then unified arrangements, everything unified receipt, unified packing, unified delivery, this way the overall efficiency is improved, but the individual objects can not take care of one by one. So there are advantages and disadvantages.

More importantly, a logistics company is like a chain as a whole, and all the employees of the company are a screw in a particular position, and if any one link is not done well, it will affect the whole effect. Customer service is not effective, the logistician will not receive effective information; the logistician is not effective, it is impossible to receive goods on time; storage is not effective, it may lead to a backlog of goods, can not be sent out. If customer service rushes off work and is simply not interested in working, it will not be able to register guests' goods in a timely manner, and it is only natural that door-to-door collection is slow and delivery is slow.

Cargo Rider is a freight dispatching platform based on cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and artificial intelligence technology development. It can be seen as the DDT of the logistics industry. The shipper ships on the platform and the driver takes orders on the platform. The platform facilitates successful transactions and manages and monitors the service, timeliness and safety of the drivers. The operating model of the Cargo Rider logistics sharing platform is able to avoid this situation to a large extent. This is a society where individual benefits are valued, and only when shippers are valued will there be more cooperation naturally!

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