cool hit counter Shared paper towels are a pyramid scam trap! Hunan Miaozan Company was shut down by law!_Intefrankly

Shared paper towels are a pyramid scam trap! Hunan Miaozan Company was shut down by law!

recently, Hunan Metro Channel《 metropolitan1 times》 Column Coverage, After learning about the Myozen business model, The reporter immediately reflected to the Changsha Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Law enforcement officials told reporters, Two months back., The company, Myzan Charity Tissue, was noted for its unusual business activities, And a surprise inspection of the company。

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The company is currently in the process of being written off, No further business operations shall be conducted, Still less can you open a branch, I never thought the company would not only fail to rectify the situation, Surprisingly, they continue to engage in pyramid finance, The law enforcement officers then conducted a surprise inspection of Hunan Miaozan Intelligent Media Co., As of press time both Myozan companies in downtown Changsha have been shut down。

Myzan Charity Tissue has now applied for cancellation, operate without authority, Not open to the public。 Business information shows, Hunan Miaozan Media Co., Ltd. is currently on alert,“ Corporate liquidation, No foreign investments and no branch offices, No business activities allowed”。 After learning that Myzan's side of the company was still soliciting business, Business enforcement officers immediately rushed to the company to launch an investigation , Seeing the arrival of a law enforcement officer, The company's staff on site immediately scattered, Neither would admit to being a Myozen employee。

It wasn't until business enforcement officers took enforcement action that someone came forward and said they were in charge of Myozen, Faced with questioning by law enforcement officers, The head of Myzan admits not having a business license, Subsequent inspections, Business enforcement officers found apparently biography-related materials at Myzan, And notes left from the live lecture on pulling people to develop a downline。 In the face of hard evidence, The head of Myozan finally bowed his head and confessed。

For operating without a licence and suspected of organizing pyramid schemes, Removal of all extraneous persons from the company on site, and take the person responsible for it into custody for investigation, The company was also seized, Finally uncovering the tumor of pyramid schemes in the tissue sharing industry, the satisfaction of everyone。 Reminder from law enforcement officials, Of the so-called business investment models, As long as it includes a downline commission, Any relationship that has a split is a pyramid scheme, The public can immediately report such acts to the business sector whenever they find them。

it is reported that, (located) at6 Month of Myozen public service tissues in Shenzhen after being seized, Another change of corporate entity to operate in Changsha, Hunan, However, it closed down within two months., Myzan made an announcement immediately after it was shut down, Continue to hoodwink agents through the internet, And plotting to move locations and hide., Reluctant to admit to the public that they were shut down for pyramid schemes, Making excuses for delayed shipments due to high supply and demand was interviewed, Continued illegal operation, Fooling the majority of entrepreneurs。( This article is reposted from Fraud Prevention Big Data:FPData)

However, after this incident, the majority of entrepreneurs also recognize the tricks of Myozen, The sun has now set on Myozan., When the tree topples the monkeys scatter. (idiom); fig. an opportunist abandons an unfavorable cause, Numerous Myozen agents lost their money, Faced with no way to defend their rights, The brutal lesson teaches us: The Myzan MLM model doesn't work!

( source (of information etc): Fraud Prevention Big Data)

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