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Should brick-and-mortar stores follow the trend of doing e-commerce or not? Why don't we start by understanding the mini-program

A few days ago brick and mortar stores are on the rise and the future is 100 times crazier than e-commerce!

The cost of traditional e-commerce is getting higher. E-commerce has been growing by leaps and bounds for many years, and the high cost of e-commerce is now no less than that of brick-and-mortar stores: 11% labor, 5.5% deduction from Tmall/Beijing East, 15% promotion costs, 12% express delivery, 5% after-sales, 2% finance costs, 2% utilities rent, plus taxes, and without a gross margin of 50% or more, there is no way for traditional e-commerce to sustain operations.

If we now attribute the cause of the immediate recession in brick-and-mortar stores directly to the overall economic situation, we are obviously very wrong. And in reality, the real economy wasn't defeated by e-commerce, it lost to itself. Traditionally with a dozen brands, the better the online sales, the harder the offline store closures. Price advantage is the key factor, so as long as you can't do the same price online and offline, brick-and-mortar businesses will be defeated by themselves.

Some media outlets are predicting that after six years of reshuffling, brick and mortar stores have now indeed reached a most critical moment of survival!

But brick-and-mortar stores did not therefore completely extinct, but rather gave birth to a combination of online and offline small programs 。。。。

For physical stores, the small program is a good opportunity for transformation, fully combined with the advantages of online and offline, minutes can be in the traditional e-commerce crush under the reversal.

However, the expansion of online channels is not a dry thing, especially for small brick-and-mortar stores, they can not afford the high cost of a platform, stationed in the platform and lost absolute control of profits, and to spend the promotion costs are not low.

So many people think that WeChat applets are the best option for physical stores to quickly enter online at low cost. Indeed, small programs can solve a lot of problems for small brick-and-mortar stores.

1, reduce the cost threshold: small program development, low operating costs, do not require a lot of preliminary investment can be used, the vast majority of businesses can afford to pay.

2, save traffic costs: small program comes with WeChat close to 1 billion people's huge traffic, and more than 40 simple and shallow convenient entrance, is a free flow pool for businesses.

3, increase consumption channels: the original single channel becomes rich, the online advantages of the small program can be fully for the offline entity store to attract traffic, but also to improve the ability to realize the traffic.

This also brings up a new question: with thousands of applets to pick from, what kind of applet can really deliver what merchants expect from it?

1、Richness of functions

The reason why small programs can grab APP users is because they can provide APP services but easier to use than APP, but if there are only static pages and simple display functions, users will eventually return to APP.

A good applet should have rich content and comprehensive features, which not only provide a complete shopping process, but also services such as display, substitute, and after-sales, allowing users to fully enjoy the shopping process.

2. Efficiency of user retention

The "use it and leave it" small program has always had the problem of retaining users, "do not disturb WeChat users" means that you can not send marketing and promotional information to users, then users are very likely to lose.

The business model can turn "consumers" into "consumers", retaining old users with offers and stimulating users to share and promote, bringing in more new users.

3. Integrity of data

The importance of big data needs no elaboration; in addition to summarizing sales, revenue, and profits, it can also analyze and predict the future direction of operations. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the value of big data, and many platforms now use it to predict popular colors.

By mastering the source code and realizing the data interoperability between the small program and the public, it can ensure the integrity of the merchant's big data, facilitate the merchant to dig deeper into the user value, adjust the business strategy and implement accurate marketing.

Fast Salesman Applet System The company also has a unique system that automatically generates QR codes for each product, while allowing merchants to truly master their big data and achieve maximum revenue conversion.

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