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Shudder at the AI keying!

I recently came across an amazing foreign website, and without further ado!

As is customary, let's start by showing you the editorial test chart.

How's that for a two-picture snap? I didn't manually pick this out bit by bit!

To key in such complex images just tap Upload Image.

100% automatic, takes only 5 seconds, one click and free

AI (artificial intelligence) has been exceptionally hot in the last two years.

Half a month ago, the foreign print photography community blew up over a news from They demonstrated a technique that uses AI to automatically remove the background of portrait photos. All you need to do is upload a photo with a portrait and it will automatically remove the background for you.

If there is no person in the photo, then the error message above will be prompted

For more complex motion pictures, we often have to deal with footage that needs to be Roto'd frame by frame, but the advent of gives us a glimpse of what AI can do to help the film and television industry in the near future.

Although this technology is currently used on still images, usually such technology will soon be applied to video creation. Roto or dynamic masks are one of the most common tasks we do when color grading or doing special effects, and even with green screen, these tasks can be time and energy consuming.

Although motion pictures are more complex, this technique of separating characters and backgrounds will definitely be used in video post-compositing software such as After Effects, Fusion or Nuke in the near future.

The spread of this technology can shorten and save on post-production cycles and costs, while also reducing employment and raising the bar for post-production.

Roto was once the entry-level job for VFX and post practitioners. While AI isn't currently able to solve most of the jobs in the film and television industry, this will make the bar higher when you consider that basic jobs like Roto's will be automated.

Website address :

Go experience it!

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