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Sichuan's big data industry ranks sixth in the country this year, the scale of output value will break 50 billion yuan

On January 10, the "Blue Book on the Development of Big Data in Sichuan Province (2017)" released and Chengdu Electronic Information Industrial Park functional area, the national dual-innovation demonstration base promotion activities were held in Chengdu Pidu District, Jingrong Town. This is also the first blue book in the field of big data in Sichuan Province.

The blue paper points out that Sichuan has better information technology facilities, a well-developed electronic information industry, and total data exploding at a rate of more than 40%, giving it a natural advantage in terms of the scale of big data. At present, Sichuan Province's big data industry development has ranked sixth in the country. This year, the scale of big data output value in Sichuan Province will exceed 50 billion yuan; by 2020, the total revenue of big data industry in Sichuan Province accounts for about 10% of the total national big data industry, the scale of big data output value exceeds 100 billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to add value to 300 billion yuan.

At the same time, the Blue Book also points out that there is a lack of strategic guidance and supporting policies in the development of the big data industry, the industrial layout has not formed a cluster advantage, the value mining of big data and real economy linkage development is not yet sufficient, the issue of openness and sharing of data resources needs to be promoted, and the big data talent gap affects the overall development rate of the industry and other issues affecting industrial development.

In response to these problems, the blue paper proposes to accelerate the development of big data in Sichuan Province, the implementation of rules, solid industrial ecology; combined with the "introduction", " go out" double engine, cultivate and strengthen the enterprise and talent team; build big data exchange and sharing platform, enhance the degree of data opening and utilization; focus on supporting key industries and key projects, shaping typical applications benchmark; guide funds into the market, increase financial and financial investment; improve the industry regulatory system, to protect information security and other six aspects of the proposal.

Chengdu Business News client intern reporter Gong Jingjie photo report

Editor Liu Yanmei

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