cool hit counter Sign up to get a free miner that produces 32.4 coins and earn $500_Intefrankly

Sign up to get a free miner that produces 32.4 coins and earn $500

Now the registration rules have been changed, the daily registration is limited to 2000 units, watch the time to register again, VRC limited free miners officially opened!

Opening Date:2017/12/20

10 a.m. daily A free miner for those who sign up by 13:00. Limited to 2,000 units per day, while supplies last.

No more free miners for those who sign up for certification between 14pm and 24pm daily. Afternoon registered members get 5 extra coins for the first purchase of a miner (regardless of size), first purchase only.

Scarcity is what creates value! VRC's values: not more, just better!

VRC activity, new users register successfully, enter the personal data inside to complete the real name certification and tie the card, must be the same person (no photo, no upload), certification seconds through, complete the certification can get a free mini mining machine, mining machine life 180 days, daily production 0.18 coins, can produce 32.4 coins, now the platform price a coin 5 yuan, others charge about 18 yuan a, can earn more than 500 days, mining machine full 180 days after the coin is not produced, available 10 coins to buy a mini mining machine, each mining coins reached 10 when to buy a mining machine, so repeated operation, so to the back to earn more, like to play coins hurry to register an account!

Warm Tips: Now you can register every day from 9am-12pm, 12pm-9am system maintenance time

Note: The old user can not login, to download the latest version 1.0.6 app, download address

(Uninstall and completely delete the old version first, then download and install the new 1.0.6 version of the app)

Activity period: Long-term

Operating steps.

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