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Simple to crack Baidu cloud speed limit several methods

Updated May 22nd

Because there are really too many cracking software and methods

Not all listed

Just to list some of the software and methods that are easy to use

After testing availability again, the following updates were made


This software was praised by the people as soon as it came out, and it is not lost as the best third-party downloader for Baidu Cloud.

Some time ago, the author restricted the download time period because someone got it to sell on Taobao

But it's recently been restored, so feel free to download it!

The author shares out of the goodness of his heart! Please cherish using it!

Software screenshots.

Download speed is related to resources

Some of the slower resources can be tried as follows.

Increasing the number of connections

16 connections are used by default, which can be changed in the settings to a maximum of 32 connections (larger can be set by modifying the aria2 configuration)

Share Download

Share files that need to be downloaded -> Open share link -> downloading ( Try to keep the number of files to10 Up to, Too many of them are prone to CAPTCHA)

download as a package

Official download address on your own Baidu:.

2.Baidu cloud by listen to the wind warm

Instructions for use.

1.After decompression, run "BaiduCloudUnlimited.exe" to

2.You can only use QQ login, and you need to set the download speed limit to 10128 set the upload speed to 5000

Download address, in my little resource site (see end of article)

3.Aiki Universal Player

Official software! It will not be blocked, stable and unharmonious, and guaranteed non-toxic.

Support uploading and downloading audio, images, and Watch and download videos online , no speed limit.

Support large file download, breakpoint transfer. Full speed download.

Attention! Attention! Attention! Folder downloads are not supported!

Instructions for use.

1.Download and install player software

2.Restart the player, and if the Netflix feature doesn't appear in the upper right corner, go ahead and restart the player!

(Restart the software 3-5 times the upper right corner is still no function, please restart your computer. )

Download from Baidu at

Look carefully at the above picture, Baidu snapshot The address on the left, find the right download yourself

4.SpeedkoalaBD Cloud Acceleration

This software is free to use for 8 hours, after which it can be purchased for an hourly or daily fee.

The actual test does not limit the speed, the official website claims that it can reach 28M/s

Some gods have successfully cracked this software, download address, in my little resource site (see end of article)

caveat emptor

NET Framework 4.5.2 installation environment required, omitted for existing ones.

Requires installation environment VC_RedistInstaller.exe, skipped for existing ones.

win10 needs to be run as administrator.

For whether the non-will be blocked need to self-test, if you are worried about being blocked please do not download ha!

Some users claim that after downloading too many files (200G), their accounts are speed-limited

If you need to use it, please note this!

5.Get direct links to Baidu Cloud files for download using Grease Monkey script

(Unblock IDM downloads from Baidu Cloud)

This method will almost never block, so if you are worried about blocking, please share the file you need to download

Click into the share page yourself to download

Step 1: Install Grease Monkey Browser Extension (Brute Monkey)

For those who don't know this step, see this tutorial:

Step 2: Install the Grease Monkey script below

EX - Baidu Cloud Drive: Baidu's cloud drive

Step 3: Open the page of the file to be downloaded

Or find the file you need to download in your own network drive

Copy link

Finally, use multi-threaded download software such as IDM for high speed downloads

For those of you who can't find IDM crack, a registration-free, license-free green cracked version of IDM

Download address, in my little resource site (see end of article)

Once the IDM has been downloaded, the following settings are recommended

The maximum number of connections is normally set at 4-16

When downloading large files, do not set the number of connections too large

Set it up yourself as you see fit

Disclaimer: All the above software resources, are from the Internet, this article is only for the purpose of dissemination of network information

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