Sing Yourself, Sing Beautiful - Moranbaba Microphone

Music for most people, It's all a pleasure., Listen to some music., It's okay to hum a song., This is all very common for us., at the same time, The presence of music, And it does put us in a more pleasant mood, flow from this, A series of mackers were born around us, voice control。 I wonder if there are people like that around you。

But I have become a vocalist, I met a girl around me who sings super well, I will call her a goddess, and I have become the fan who embraces her the most, as to how well she sings, let's put it aside for now, anyway, I will never leave her out, back to the subject, I recently got a good microphone - Morinami Party K-song microphone, of course, I also have to thank 72 changes for giving me this opportunity, so that I can have the capital to seduce my goddess.


The first step is the unpacking process, But before unpacking, But the beauty party had an early surprise for me, For a better user experience, Mipar also brings a matching headset for each user, When the cat comes in the package, I'm really surprised.。

Moranami party microphone in black, The simple and generous packaging seems to dissolve all the contents inside, Instead, the headset package that comes with it is the opposite of a microphone, The one used is mainly white., Maybe that's what they call complementing each other。

The packaging is the same style headphones and microphone, With a strong sense of technology, The front side is all about the product3D Printed Renderings, The name of the product is on both sides, The parameters are on the back of the package, Very conventional design, But it highlights its own unique style。

Turning to the microphone, in looking at the microphone, unpacking this unimpressive package, the interior includes microphone *1, sponge protective case *1, charging cable *1, phone connection cable *1, warranty card *1, certificate of conformity *1, manual *1, a complete package, which of course comes standard.

Not forgetting our standard headphones, of course, Includes a pair of headphones inside, Two sets of silicone ear plugs in different sizes。

Next up is our main attraction, Sam Rang Mei is on the mic, right?。 According to official data, The Morinami Party Microphone includes four colorways, Chinese red, respectively., rose gold, Starry Black, And Forgive the Green( It's beautiful and comfortable.), And the one in the cat's hand is the classic, Gorgeous rose gold, It looks quite beautiful., breathtaking。

The microphone as a whole can be roughly divided into two parts, A silver line divides the microphone into a metal mesh at the top and a smooth body at the bottom。 Design Mingle, Reflecting beautifully in the sunlight。

The Morinami party microphone has a cylindrical design style, Body size is equivalent to medium size, Because I've seen Lori., I've seen Tall Man, too., So the height is only142mm, Width.33mm of the Moranami party in my eyes as opposed to a normal wonderful woman, And a nice body too.。

Looking at the dome cover on the top end of the microphone, Designed with stainless steel plated sound mesh, Take it to the next level in terms of quality, The interior is made of high-density foam, Spray-proof cotton with a complex process and highly technical thickened closure design, Uniform distribution can360° Record songs without dead space, Release your heart, And of course it keeps the spit out., Resists cell phone interference and protects the inside of the microphone。 Kitten also tried singing from a different angle, It feels good.。

The pinch point of the Mepan microphone is made ofABS+PC Engineered plastic and lightly frosted finish, Enhanced anodizing process for aluminum, Not only does it take the look and feel to the next level, It also effectively solves the problem of slippage due to the small size and compactness。

beyond, The fuselage section also has a printedlogo The round power-on button of the, Oval sound adjustment button, and a small round open-hole look-alike signal, And of course there is one printed on the backLOGO, Very stylish design。

And look at the bottom of the microphone, There is a one a very cute design, Bottom by headphone jack,AUX Audio Interface andUSB The interfaces together make a lovely smiley face, It's cute and adorable.。

And finally in its lovely hat., Isn't that cute?? There's a little bit of cute., With the hat on, of course., Good at preventing wheat spraying, The designs that have survived have naturally had their fair share of brilliance, isn't that so??

In practice, willAUX Audio cable plugged into the audio jack of the phone and microphone, Then plug the headset into the microphone jack。 Turn on the microphone switch and the phoneAPP So you can go on an indulgent trip of your own accord。 Oh, I forgot to briefly explain what the indicators do, When the microphone is operating normally, The indicator light will come on blue, When the battery is low, Then the red light will flash, And the microphone is built-in800mhA of lithium batteries, Charges in about an hour or so, And the indication that charging is complete is when the light goes off, A charge is completed in about10 Around the hour, It's still durable.。

In the course of actual use, Because of the excellent noise cancellation and multiple sound effects, Senranme horn noise reductionK The song microphone records songs with great noise reduction, The recorded sound is clear.、 The tone is clean.、 The sense of presence is great., Not at all lost inKTV hit the targetK song effect。 Next I eyeballed the goddess and asked her to sing a few songs。

Sings two songs., Let's compare.

( When you) microphone (loanword):

( When you) incompetent:

( When the winter nights grow warm) microphone (loanword):

( When the winter nights grow warm)

This is a contrasting song that doesn't use a microphone, It's still nice, though, But it's clear that the used sound has more of a studio effect, The sound collection is also more perfect。 So after using this microphone, It's also quite pleasant to the ear。

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