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Singapore Airlines' blockchain journey to develop a digital wallet for airline flyers

Singapore Airlines (SIA) recently announced that it will be launching a blockchain-based customer loyalty KrisFlyer program for airline flyers. According to the report, SIA will launch a mobile-based digital wallet app within six months, where users can purchase SIA tickets.

In addition, the blockchain-based application will allow KrisFlyer members to "use miles to participate in retailer point-of-sale transactions." They expect to be able to tap into retail partnerships and also provide users with a way to spend more points, thereby increasing customer motivation and loyalty.

CEO Goh Choon Phong also said that the first user retail partners will be sought in the Singapore market and will expand to other areas as the programme progresses.

But this blockchain will always be a permission chain, and only merchants and partners will be able to get on it. Also according to the foreign media zdnet, the solution was initially a POC trial conducted by SIA in conjunction with KPMG and Microsoft. To be able to get the project off the ground, SIA says it will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the future to develop digital technology, drive the company's transformation and remain competitive.

Last year, German airline group Lufthansa and Air New Zealand joined forces with Swiss startup Winding Tree to build a blockchain-based travel app, as the companies looked for new ways to distribute tickets and services to customers. European travel group TUI has also developed its own blockchain-based hotel booking inventory system.


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