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Sinopharm Logistics East China Hub officially launched in High Trade Zone

On June 20, Sinopharm Logistics East China Hub was officially launched in the High Trade Zone. The hub started trial operation in March 2018, with a total area of 36,600 square meters, and as one of the five hubs laid out nationwide, it integrates a regional procurement center, logistics center, data center and trading display center, which is second to none in the Sinopharm logistics system. Its completion marks another important modern pharmaceutical logistics node for Sinopharm's logistics system. Han Jiang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, attended the launching ceremony.

Sinopharm Holdings is a core enterprise owned by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and is the largest distributor and supply chain service provider of pharmaceutical products in China. Sinopharm Logistics, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopharm Holdings, owns and operates the largest pharmaceutical distribution and delivery network in China, and is a benchmark for the development of pharmaceutical logistics enterprises and the entire modern A logistics industry.

The High Trade Zone has been actively creating a world-class investment environment and striving to build a new type of "pro" and "clear" government-business relationship to help enterprises enhance their international competitiveness and obtain satisfactory returns on investment. Especially in recent years, the High Trade Zone has taken the initiative to dock and integrate into the construction of the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone (Port), actively carry out early and pilot implementation of policy functions, enhance the level of investment and trade facilitation, and focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing, health care, e-commerce, warehousing and logistics industries. Next, the high trade zone will always adhere to the concept of pro-business services, the implementation of "personalized, differentiated" enterprise services, as a good enterprise on call, close to the heart of the "shopkeeper", with efficient and high-quality services to promote the smooth, rapid and sustainable development of enterprises. (Gao Tie Xuan, Zou Yufen)

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