Siri has been listening to you? Apple users, watch out for this privacy icon!

10month17 late at night, Apple privacy page receives major update。 One of the highlights of this update is the, When Apple collects user data, The user will be clearly informed, and put the user in charge of the initiative, to choose whether to share information and who to share it with, forAPP What permissions are open, etc.。 see that" Data and privacy" Icons to beware of Apple's inclusion of new data and privacy information page, Allow users to log in or start using new features before, Be able to learn more easily than ever how Apple will use a user's personal information。 There's a notation on this page., i.e. data and privacy icons。

“ Data and privacy” icon (computing)。 Image source: Apple's official website of course, Apple will tell users what data will be shared, and how Apple will use this information collected to improve the user experience。

The new 2017 iPhones are on sale and Japanese fans are standing in long lines to buy them. APP access to personal information requires users to first approve APP overreach is a point that netizens often complain about, as previously reported by the media, some video sites APP to view user photos, and even listening to phone calls, etc., unbelievable. This time, the Apple privacy page says that apps that users have installed onto their devices that require access to personal information such as photos and contacts require prior permission from the user, and that users can change these permission settings at any time.

Image source: Apple's official website“ If a particular model is foundAPP Violation of these guiding principles, Developers must correct it, otherwiseAPP It will be starting withAppStore Removed from。” Apple says。 Most personal information is not uploaded to servers Apple's handling of personal information, Increasingly functional adoption devices(iPhone、iPad) Processing。 simply put, It's that this information is not transmitted to Apple's servers, And it can be done on the user device。

9month13 sun, Apple releases3 brand newiPhone: Dual SIM supportiPhoneXS、iPhoneXSMAX andiPhoneXR。 e.g., Apple TouchID harmony with the faceID The data used for identification will be expressed mathematically, And it will be encrypted and protected in a secure compartment on the user's device, whetheriOS Or all kinds ofAPP All inaccessible。 More importantly., This data is also not stored on Apple servers or backed up toiCloud upper。

Image source: Apple's official websiteSiri Is listening to? It turns out that many of you have a question: What did I say?,Siri You can answer anything.,Siri Have you been listening to me?? Now Apple has explained this one away as well,“ The first thing is that it takes keywords to wake upSiri, i.e.‘hey,Siri’ this word。 Until it wakes up.,Siri Can't dictate and analyze the user's speech。” Apple says the user's name、 directory、 Specific information such as the music you listen to and what you search for, It will be sent to Apple's servers via an encryption protocol。

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