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Six measures to improve network information security

Machin County State Taxation Bureau

Six measures to improve network information security

In order to ensure the network and information security of the National Taxation Bureau of Machin County, the National Taxation Bureau of Machin County has actively taken six measures to provide a secure network environment for all taxation work.

Constrain people with performance management, actively convey the importance of network information security to bureau leaders, heads of departments, and delegate network security work to include performance indicators to effectively enhance the bureau network security of the National Taxation System of Machin County.

To develop emergency plans to prevent problems before they occur. In conjunction with the practical, detailed foreknowledge, warning, prevention, and disposal of network information security to make a comprehensive deployment to ensure prevention before it is too late.

Control virus outbreaks by technical means. In line with the principle of "who uses, who is responsible", the internal network computer using 360 antivirus software to upgrade and virus check and kill in a timely manner, the problem found to do timely notification, immediately make disconnection processing, check and kill viruses, and timely control the spread of viruses.

to monitor and manage the control of mobile storage media. Leverage server management policies to implement a disable function for removable storage media. This serves both to prevent the occurrence of leakage accidents caused by the indiscriminate use of mobile storage devices and to reduce the transmission of viruses carried by foreign carriers.

Promote network and information security with inspections. In accordance with the principles of "hierarchical responsibility, local management" and "whoever is in charge, who is responsible", regular inspections are conducted, and the problems and hidden dangers identified require the formulation of rectification plans and the implementation of rectification measures.

Strengthen information security with a strict confidentiality regime. In strict accordance with the confidentiality management system, physical separation of classified computers, non-classified computers and their networks is implemented, and access to any classified computer network in any form is prohibited. Sign confidentiality agreements and implement confidentiality systems for any staff with access to internal tax systems.

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