SkyDigital Smartcore Releases 2018 Smart Ecology Strategy

BEIJING, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Recently, domestic chip maker Tenso Smartcore held a press conference in Beijing to launch its 2018 smart ecological strategy.

Pictured is Yunpeng Li, Founder and CEO of Tenso Smartcore.

At the meeting, Yunpeng Li, the founder and CEO of Tensoft Smartcore, said at the meeting that Tensoft Smartcore is working to build a universal, standard and high-performance AI computing chip. The number of algorithm and system companies cutting into the AI chip space is gradually increasing, and there will be bottlenecks in commercial realisation through algorithms alone," he said. It does improve the original performance if the respective AI core algorithms are chip-based. However, AI computing is in a period of explosive growth, with rapidly changing software algorithms and long chip development cycles, and defining chip requirements according to current algorithm needs is tantamount to gambling. The reason why TENCENT's AI computing chips pursue versatility, standardization and high performance is to get rid of the dependence on algorithms and provide strong support not only for existing AI computing, but also for all kinds of high-performance computing. "Li Yunpeng said that the products of TENCENT Smartcore run through the three levels of the AI industry chain vertical infrastructure, general technology and industry applications, forming the self-product ecology of TENCENT Smartcore.

It is reported that TENCENT Smartcore is a high-tech enterprise jointly founded by technical experts from Silicon Valley and domestic industry elites. The company focuses on the field of intelligent computing and is committed to becoming a technology pioneer in high-performance data processing as well as deep learning and artificial intelligence applications.

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