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Smart Anshan│"Smart Mine" can be controlled from a distance of 10,000 miles

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The screen of the management platform of the main data center of Anshan Iron & Steel Mining Group Co., Ltd. has been opened and Wang Huan, the manager of the center, who is working on the Carrara project in Australia, far away from Anshan Iron & Steel, appears on the screen. This kind of interdisciplinary discussion across thousands of mountains and rivers is made easy by the launch of the "Smart Mine" management system.

At present, Anshan is in the construction of "smart city", the city network management system is steadily advancing, Anshan Steel Mining "smart mine" system undoubtedly become a major highlight of the construction of "smart city" in Anshan.

According to Wang Huan, Anshan Iron and Steel Mining "intelligent mine" construction began in 2007, after years of exploration, Anshan Iron and Steel Mining has achieved fruitful results, in 2015 was named national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, but also the first batch of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service pilot demonstration benchmark enterprises in our province.

According to statistics, as of the end of January 2018, through the construction of "smart mine", Anshan Iron and Steel Mining has basically realized intelligent command, automatic scheduling and efficient allocation of resources, and built a resource integrated operation and control platform covering 37 directly under the unit, which has solved many industry problems such as complex and changeable mine production and management, uncertainty of raw materials and harsh operating environment, which has not only achieved the goal of reducing energy consumption, stable quality and high production, but also reduced pollution and protected the urban environment.

It is understood that Anshan Iron and Steel Mining has 37 directly subordinate units located in Anshan, Liaoyang, Dalian, Australia and other regions at home and abroad, the traditional management means, can not achieve the efficient operation of the internal management of the enterprise.

Based on this, Anshan Iron and Steel Mining, based on the achievements of digital mine construction, through the deep integration of information technology and industrialization, began to comprehensively promote the construction of "intelligent mine", forming three systems of intelligent human management, intelligent production execution and intelligent equipment control. This management system, rooted in digitalization and upgraded with intelligence, covers major business areas such as production, equipment and finance, and enables cross-thousand-mile operational control.

"By putting the data on the system, the distribution of resources underground and above ground is clearly visible, and the engineers are like having penetrating eyes, telling us exactly what to do next." When it comes to the management system of "intelligent mine", Fu Guorong, the captain of the surveying brigade of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Mining Company Limited, is full of praise. If the data provided to the company in the past was a floor plan, what we have now is an X-ray film.

It is reported that the survey brigade did not have "X-ray photos" before the eye operation inevitably accuracy errors, now, accurate positioning, only the savings in explosives money is not a small amount. This is a direct reflection of the "smart mine" concept of Anshanshan Mining, which pursues a dynamic balance of safe production, environmental protection, resource utilization and corporate benefits.

Zhang Jun, the deputy manager of the information center of the company and one of the front desk operators of the "smart mine" construction, said: "In the past, people were looking for data, but the mode of the 'smart mine' is that data is looking for people, and accurate data directs people's actions. "On February 6 this year, the electronic screen of the production information integration platform of Anshan Mining Data Center showed that an M01 electric wheel was out of service for maintenance at Qidashan Mine. Li Changliang, deputy director of the Engineering Equipment Security Department, had long arranged for overhaul personnel to come to the mine. The size of this machine's problems are identified in the system. One outage to overhaul a few sets of parts and do maintenance in the meantime. Previously, these jobs could take several runs. This ease of access is now inextricably linked to the precise and detailed data provided by the system.

"The most important thing in the construction of 'smart mines' is not the technical means, but the wisdom of the mind and the sense of innovation." When it comes to the "smart mine", Wang Huan always remembers the foresight of the company's chairman, Shao Anlin, who advocated this strategic idea back then. "Perhaps, this is the demonstration significance of promoting the management innovation of mining enterprises and transforming the operation and management mode of enterprises, as well as the fundamental importance of enhancing the control, execution and competitiveness of enterprises. "

Source: Anshan Daily

Writer: Chief Media Reporter Cheng Yunhe

Editor: Zhong Lei

Editor: Yani Fu

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