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Smart Things - Cloud Computing Empowers Traditional Manufacturing to Create a New Digital Ecology

Cloud computing has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the world's leading IT companies are transforming to cloud computing, computer software provider Microsoft, SAP in ERP, VMware in virtualization, etc. The application of cloud computing has become an important support to promote the upgrading of the information industry and the integration of manufacturing and Internet development. On March 27th, IOT was invited by "IOT Media" to participate in the salon of "Empowerment, Change, Innovation - High-level Sharing on Business Model in Cloud Computing Vertical" and made a keynote speech. The event also invited renowned company Microsoft (China) and a number of guests from the IoT vertical to see how they demonstrate the unique appeal of cloud computing to manufacturing, big data, smart cities, logistics and other industries!

In the keynote speech of "Industrial Internet of Things to help traditional enterprises transform and upgrade", Zhao Ankuo, the product director of WISL, firstly analyzed the development status of industrial Internet of Things at home and abroad. With the development of industrial revolution, the degree of automation of manufacturing industry is constantly improving, and the industrial Internet of Things is given a very important role as the intelligent production turns to intelligent system service and value creation. As a leading industrial IOT solution provider in China, WISCOM has precipitated many years of technical operation support system, and its industrial IOT solution has formed an organic whole of "theory, method, means and tools", namely a set of "IOT construction standard".

Mr. Zhao told the audience that many traditional enterprises have already realized automated production, among which the boiler, which is regarded as a "living fossil", has also been automated a long time ago, by collecting various parameters into the cloud to realize the connection between the equipment, but this can only solve the problem that the manager "can see". Mr. Zhao said that Industrial IoT should be to create greater value for the equipment, for example, in the whole life cycle of the boiler, the annual fuel and maintenance costs are quite alarming, fuel costs account for 80-90% of the boiler construction costs, how to improve fuel combustion efficiency and reduce operating costs, is an urgent problem for enterprises to solve.

In order to ensure the security of customers' business information, WiseMaterials has divided its cloud platform into public and private clouds. The public cloud accesses device terminals all over the world, and monitors the operation status of all access devices by storing and exchanging massive message data; the private cloud accesses business data of enterprise operation, and can flexibly process the data according to the demand, and display it through large screen, PC terminal and mobile app.

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