Smart communities are improving the quality of our living and making the vision more realistic

True smart living doesn't just exist in homes or come from entire cities; smart communities are an equally important part of it. In recent years, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, more and more people are also integrating artificial intelligence with smart communities and exploring new forms of smart communities.

Smart communities are slowly becoming more of a reality from a vision that continues to improve the quality of our living.

At present, a smart community is a community that uses artificial intelligence technology, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new generation communication technologies in an integrated application to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents, thus forming a new management form based on information and intelligent social management and services.

Urbanization is a key driver of smart community building。 Authoritative data show that, More than half of China's population now lives in cities, This number is still growing rapidly。 up to2030 year, China is expected to have about10 Billions of people live in cities, About 70% of the total population。 Enhancing residents' access to technology、 sense of well-being," Smart Communities" No doubt becoming the inevitable path choice。

As AI technology and applications are further improved, with the help of" the Internet+" east wind, The creation of smart communities has been on the rise in recent years, Whether it's a real estate agent、 A direct stakeholder like a property, Or smart hardware、 Internet business、 Traditional retail、 financial、 External service-oriented agencies such as services, They're all laying out their plans, Competing for industry growth。

The key question that many market players must consider is how to allow the neighborhoods we live in to ride on the coattails of artificial intelligence and better improve the quality of life for residents. All real estate property and intelligent technology companies that are deeply involved in the community, as intelligent community solution providers, can not only substantially improve the quality of the community project and enhance the brand image of the developer company on the basis of providing the highest quality and most intelligent services to the residents, but also allow differentiated competition among developers and greatly reduce operating costs. It's a win-win situation for developers, residents and tech companies alike.

I am afraid that even the most advanced scientific research technology will be discounted if it is not applied in practice. How to apply technology to every aspect of smart community building, based on user thinking, is a key question that all property managers should be thinking about. Intelligent access control system, intelligent vehicle management system, intelligent community public space, intelligent financial service, intelligent membership service, intelligent integration system... It allows efficient communication and interaction to be established between scattered community systems, with multiple terminals acquiring and evaluating the status of community systems in real time, enabling intelligent decision-making and action in property management. In this way, homeowners, merchants, energy, property and vehicles can all benefit from the management of smart community systems.

You may imagine that if a stranger enters the owner's home, the system will alert in time, and also remotely observe the indoor situation and notify the property or alarm with one click on the mobile phone to avoid property loss. Is it more convenient and smarter? In fact, this is just one detail in a smart community. It is a people-oriented concept and a relentless pursuit of the company to let residents get more technology from a smart community.

Artificial intelligence is gradually tooling up, but its future should be to become an outgrowth and enhancement of humanity's own capabilities, to become a trusted and indispensable assistant to humans.

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