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"Smart" park! Jiangsu Province's first park-level multi-energy complementary integrated energy service platform lands in Wuxi

On December 10, the first park-level multi-energy complementary integrated energy service platform in Jiangsu Province was officially delivered for commercial operation in Hongdou Industrial City in Wuxi City. The platform provides efficient and clean energy support for the park by integrating technologies such as energy big data, energy Internet+, multi-energy complementary integration and optimization, and demand-side management.

Located in Donggang Town, Wuxi City, Hongdou Industrial City covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers and has been home to 97 enterprises in printing, dyeing, textile and garment, rubber and tire, and assembly, with different energy characteristics. A variety of energy supply systems such as self-provided thermal power plants, photovoltaic power plants, energy storage power plants and 35 kV power supply lines have been built in the park. However, the lack of energy monitoring, the single means of energy dispatching and the sloppy way of managing energy use have led to low efficiency in the use of various types of energy and consumed a lot of manpower.

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power signed an agreement with Hongdou Industrial City in April this year to customize a comprehensive energy service plan and build a new multi-energy complementary integrated energy service platform for it. The core of the platform is to synergize and optimize the complementary use of all types of energy resources, including cooling, heat, electricity, gas and even water, to improve utilization levels. The platform can calculate the current cost and consumption of different types of energy in real time, determine the "healthiness" of the park's energy utilization, and establish a multi-objective optimization model for environmental protection, energy efficiency and economy accordingly, give full play to the advantages of the combination of photovoltaic, energy storage and thermal power plant of Hongdou Industrial City, optimize the operation strategy of energy system equipment, and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of the whole park's energy system.

The platform also uses technologies such as "Internet++" and big data mining and analysis to predict the electricity and heat loads and photovoltaic power generation, and to regulate the load with the economic and energy-efficient operation mode of thermal power plants and energy storage packages to make full use of peak and valley tariffs and reduce the overall energy costs of the Group. The surplus power generated by the park can also participate in grid peaking, demand response, etc., thus gaining revenue and making useful exploration for the implementation of the "Internet+" smart energy strategy.

The project is expected to result in cost savings of approximately $20,000 per day and a 3% increase in overall energy efficiency after commissioning. Park managers can view data and obtain periodic energy consumption through the integrated energy service platform at any time, so as to further standardize and improve enterprise energy management and realize the visualization and integration of energy management in the park.

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