cool hit counter Soft and hard, Huawei Mate20 besides the triple camera these five highlight features can not be ignored!_Intefrankly

Soft and hard, Huawei Mate20 besides the triple camera these five highlight features can not be ignored!

Huawei mobile phones can be said to be our big brother in the field of domestic mobile phones, every time a new machine must have a lot of hot selling points, the same, this time Huawei out of the new mate20 also lives up to the expectations, not only in the appearance of the face of the good intention, in the built-in configuration is also no less. Here's what we have to say about this mate20 from these points.

Elegant appearance and beautiful packaging

When I got this Huawei mate20, the first thing I saw was that the body was extraordinarily refined, with a rear-mounted fingerprint unlock and full-screen workmanship, it's really a bargain in terms of value! The colors are also available in as many as five separate colors such as Gold Blue Aurora, and the large 6.53-inch screen sets off the phone's specs even more. The packaging is also extra attentive, Huawei charger and type-c data cable, also sent headphones and protective case, warranty certificate and so on laid out a large table.

Artificial Intelligence with Kirin 980

Huawei's technological prowess is undeniable, with continuous in-depth research in artificial intelligence, culminating in the successful emergence of Huawei's new generation soC chip, a collection of high-tech materials and better performance, which lays a solid foundation for AI arithmetic improvements as well as stable high frames.

Powerful range for the longest lasting

Huawei has always come into consumers' hearts with the impression of practicality, so it has always done well in terms of battery consumption. the Huawei mate20 has a battery capacity of 4000mah, with Huawei's Supercharge super fast charging, which makes the whole phone more cost-effective.

The AI smart power saving design also has TUV safety certification from Rheinland, so you can really use it without worrying about running out of power.

Encyclopedia in your pocket

The new design of the Huawei mate20 adds an encyclopedic knowledge of health management to the lock screen screen with care. Celebrities, flowers, cars and pets and much more can be easily understood with just the touch of a finger on the screen. It's also a new assistant for health management, with AI-intelligent volume modeling that quickly measures the calories of food so you can eat with a better idea of what to expect.

Terminal cloud services for reading pleasure

Huawei's terminal is very powerful and can provide a large number of music books as well as videos, as long as you connect to Huawei's cloud service, you can enjoy a huge amount of high-quality music, 500,000+ fine books, and also enjoy more than 5,000 Hollywood blockbusters, in addition to Huawei's cloud space, which can be stored safely and can be restored at any time, making your data storage more secure.

This time, Huawei branded mate20 can be said to be not only very affordable in terms of price, but also conscientious in terms of design, up-to-date AI design, smart encyclopedia, and practical battery configuration, all without losing its practicality. Everyone who has their own opinion about this Huawei mate20 is welcome to share it in the comments.

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