Software installation to D drive failed with "You do not have write access to this installation directory" solution

The reason for not being able to change the path in the Firefox installation to something other than the C drive has finally been found, this is not a problem with account permissions

Four part problem solving: (I used to change C to D in the installation path when I installed the software)

1, Firefox installation: conventional practice, install to D disk, save space on the system disk

2, encountered the problem that many people have encountered: Firefox installation D disk failed, so then began to try to add administrators permissions to the entire D disk partition, and found that all have been turned on. Looks like this glitch has nothing to do with permissions (watch out for the firefox tip)

3,Manually create the root directory of the installation folder “Program Files (x86)"32 The bit system is“Program Files”。

4,get it !!!

As for the reason, I personally think it is caused by the lack of permissions in the root directory, there is no permission to create files directly in the root directory (D drive root directory), so after manually creating the first level directory, the subsequent actions can be completed

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