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Software project documentation wizard MKDocs

Most programmers love to write code, but not documentation. Here is a recommended software project documentation wizard, MKDocs. You can happily, again, write documents using Markdown.

Installation Process

Install python

Installing pip

Installing mkdocs using pip

Install python

The installation of python is relatively simple, and it's built right in for Mac systems. For other systems, you can download the official python installer directly from python and just follow the instructions step by step.

python official website:

After installing python, we can enable the terminal to see the system python version

Installing pip

You can download the pip installation file from the terminal using wget


Then execute.


After successful installation of pip, you can check the version of pip

pip --version

Installing mkdocs

Installing mkdocs using pip

pip install mkdocs

After successful installation, you can view the mkdocs version

Create a document project

Create documentation project for laramall mall system laramall-doc

mkdocs new laramall-doc

Switch to laramall-doc

cd laramall-doc

Start a documentation project

mkdocs serve

Visit the project website

Screenshots of the project are as follows.

Official website and theme URL

mkdocs official website

material theme website

Advantages of mkdocs

Markdown based writing, very quick and easy

Can generate pure static html files

Beautiful theme and easy theme development

Fast On-line Easy Deployment

Based on python

Easy to configure using yaml files

If you like it, feel free to go and use it :)

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