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Sogou CEO: Artificial intelligence speech recognition from natural interaction to knowledge computing

Artificial intelligence is considered to be a historic opportunity for China's industrial Internet to achieve a lane change, and an important engine to promote China's industry to the middle and high end of the global value chain.

Looking back at 2017, China moved from the "Internet+" to the "AI+" era; it was also the year that AI became a national strategy. Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology and 15 other ministries and commissions set up a new generation of artificial intelligence development planning and promotion office to start promoting the development of artificial intelligence in China at the institutional level.

Self-driving, city brains, medical imaging, and voice recognition have become the focal points of the AI chase. At the recently held 2017 Sogou IN Panorama -Zenith Ceremony, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said that search and input method are the most artificial intelligence genetic language recognition tools, and artificial intelligence search and input method can help users to better access and express information. "But neither expression nor access to information can get around the understanding of language."

According to Wang, language has two layers

natural interactive language

That is, the ability to translate human expression into language, by hearing it with the ear or seeing it with the eye. China has made many breakthroughs in natural interaction, taking voice recognition as an example, Wang Xiaochuan revealed that Sogou Input Method alone currently generates 300 million voice recognition calls per day.

In addition, breakthroughs have been made in AI language technologies such as lip recognition, speech synthesis-based machine homophone technology, emotion migration, and machine translation technology.

knowledge calculation

That is, it relies on language to carry human knowledge and thinking, and to produce the ability to understand and reason about what machines read.

In the past, when you keyed in a search engine to retrieve content via keywords, the search engine would return 10 links for you to pick from, but this type of search was the result of a human adapting to a machine.

In the future, search engines will provide search services in a more natural way, such as in the form of questions, and provide the most accurate answers. Wang Xiaochuan said that the input method has become the focus of the development of artificial intelligence speech recognition, "in the future, not just typing and voice tools, but let the input method become your secretary, to help you do better expression. "

There is huge scope for breakthroughs in the age of artificial intelligence. The advent of AlphaGo has already led to a new understanding of the relationship between humans and machines. In the future, a natural ability to interact between humans and machines can arise, where not only do humans adapt to machines, but machines are adapting to humans and helping them solve more problems, challenges and opportunities.

Apart from facilitating human life, the economic benefits of artificial intelligence are incalculable. In the case of floor sweeping robots, for example, China is currently growing at an average annual rate of more than 80%. Tan Tieniu, vice president of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, predicts that the global AI market is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2018.

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