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Solving NSTimer's circular reference problem using blocks in iOS development

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Circular reference issues.

Using an NSTimer object as a property of a controller, the current VC makes a strong reference to the NSTimer object. When the NSTimer is created to cash in, the NSTimer object in turn takes the current VC as its target, at which point the NSTimer object makes a strong reference to the current VC, thus creating a circular reference between the NSTimer and the current VC, which prevents both the VC and the NSTimer from being freed and eventually leads to a memory leak.

Usual code.

We can create a category for the NSTimer and add a method to the category that creates an NSTimer object to avoid the circular reference problem.

NSTimer Classification Code.

The code in the .m

Reproducible code.

  • (NSTimer *)resolve_scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)inerval repeats:(BOOL)repeats block:(void (^)(NSTimer *timer))block{ return [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:inerval target:self selector:@selector(resolve_blcokInvoke:) userInfo:[block copy] repeats:repeats];


  • (void)resolve_blcokInvoke:(NSTimer *)timer { void (^block)(NSTimer *timer) = timer.userInfo; if (block) { block(timer); }


Use code.

Reproducible code.

weakifySelf self.timer = [NSTimer resolve_scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:1 repeats:YES block:^(NSTimer *timer) { strongifySelf [self doThings]; NSLog(@"----------------"); }];

Regarding weakSelf and strongSelf.

define weakifySelf

__weak __typeof(&*self)weakSelf = self;

define strongifySelf

__strong __typeof(&*weakSelf)self = weakSelf;

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